Disappearing Equipment

Got an interesting surprise when I showed up today. Someone went through Button Up and removed two portable storage racks that are used for holding finished instruments. I’m real angry about this. Nobody on day shift seems to know who the responsible person is or why they removed the racks. I need them. After a unit is finished here in MI/EI it’s placed on top of a black fiberglass tray and then I slide it on to one of those racks. Doesn’t take much physical strength to push an eighty five pound unit over the rack. The following morning someone from shipping comes out to the line and slides each unit over to a cruiser table and then hauls them away. Each of these two special racks will hold about fifteen instruments. Now I’ve got nowhere to put any instruments when I’m done with them except for a few rolling tables. I can’t use rolling tables for storing boxes that are ready to ship though. Those are for staging work in progress. Weak.

Fortunately, I have two identical rack units stashed elsewhere in the building. Since I really need those racks to do my job I went over to my secret equipment stash and pulled both racks out. I set them up exactly where the two missing ones were. Hopefully whoever stole my gear will see the racks magically back in place and freak out. In the meantime I’m asking around to try to locate the first two racks and find out why in the hell someone swiped them. Man, this place is so fucked up sometimes. You don’t just go into other employee’s work areas and take whatever you please. I wouldn’t dare do that and not just because it’s rude. It’s also because someone might get injured if they don’t have proper tooling or equipment available.

When I catch whoever did this crap I’m going to make sure they pay for their crimes.

~ by factorypeasant on October 10, 2006.

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