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Web surfing while on the job is no big deal here. Traditionally employees at Bill and Dave’s company enjoy an unusual amount of personal freedom. Nobody is looking over your shoulder or breathing down your shirt collar to get more work out of you every minute of the day. We manage our own time and to a large degree self-direct our areas of production. You have to completely mess up stuff or abuse your on the job freedom before gaining the wary eye of superiors around this place. In the meantime as long as your work is completed on schedule you can pretty much hang out and do whatever you please.

There’s one thing I just won’t do from work though. I absolutely will not hit Yahoo’s stock forums website. Disgruntled former and current employees of this company have been going berzerk on our stock page at Yahoo. Some of them have been leaking company sensitive information deliberately to try and embarrass management or at the very least to try to negatively influence our stock share price. Petty vengeance. A particularly interesting tidbit of company info that was leaked on the Yahoo website a while ago was a rumor that this manufacturing site would be closed soon. With a drastically reduced workforce it would make sense to shut down this factory and relocate survivors to another site in the area. Most of the time these posted rumors have proved to be based in truth which has angered managers over their public dissemination on Yahoo.

Right now it looks like that rumor was very accurate. We got the news this week that we will be moved in a few months to a sister division located nearby. Once vacated, this factory will be put up for sale.

Management has since been actively trying to identify the source of these leaks. They are watching our Yahoo stock forum and might be attempting to trace posts back to their authors. Here at work it would be relatively easy for site IT to tag Yahoo’s website for hits and identify specific computers on campus. I don’t even bother to look at Yahoo stocks from work anymore. I’ll read posts from home but there’s no way in hell I would write anything on there about what is going on at work unless I went to use an internet cafe computer or one at the public library. It’s too dangerous.


~ by factorypeasant on October 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Yahoo Stock Forums”

  1. I remember one incident regarding an indivdual who spilled the beans regarding the RP closure. For the life of me, I don’t know how he got the info because he really was not that bright of a bulb. Anyways, he spills the beans and attributes it to a certain manager by name on the Yahoo forums (Little Big Man I call this manager)

    So we get called forward and told that heads will roll if people are found out dispensing info to the public, blah blah blah. IT has ways of tracing where the info came from, etc.

    Later in a coffee talk with Little Big Man, he addresses the fact that the rumor was issued and he was referenced as the leak. He totally denies the rumor and puffs up and says he personally would like to find the individual who leaked the info (a few months later it came true, lol)

    It wasn’t the first show of Little Big Man puffing up from the bully pulpit…I came to detest that person as time went on. Nothing but a duplictous trickster/lackey.

    Now as I said, I knew who posted that message and I was setting near him and could see his face as Little Big Man threatened. Let me tell you, he kept one of the greatest poker faces I ever saw as the manger took his time and glanced back and forth at his captive audience. (I think this was interesting as a number of people knew he posted and he was aware the cat was out of the bag with the little people, who bless their hearts, kept their mouth shut)I watched others squirm a bit in their chairs and was wondering what they were feeling about this posturing by the authority figure. Me, I was outa here sooner or later. It’s was all entertainment from now on.

    Sometimes the bull that was going on was highly entertaining as positions and facts changed.

  2. anon-

    yeah. i remember that. i’m pretty certain i know who leaked that info and i know who little big man is. i never liked that guy. caught him in too many outright lies over the years at those meetings. because his information was always incorrect and the story kept changing i stopped going to coffee talks long ago. no credibility.

    if you didn’t already know, i hear little big man was quite the cokehead during the 80s on the job. another reason i have zero respect for him.

    in that particular case i don’t think they ever caught on to the leaker but that began management’s active monitoring of yahoo’s stock website.

    i really liked the RP site. for years i called it home. compared to things up on the hill i always felt like the people at RP were real- hard workers that got down to business. up on the hill there was a bad attitude i never cared for. too many snobs in cubicles that are pure overhead…

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