The Superior Intellect

I saw him walking through the building’s main hallway for the first time today. It was him, I’m sure of it because the description of his physical features perfectly matched the way he looked. When some of our engineers told me about the guy at first I thought they were joking, just pulling my leg. Now I realize this whole time they were telling the truth.

This man is a highly respected engineer who I’m told happens to be a PhD and who also holds a number of technology patents for stuff he has invented in his spare time. By all accounts from his peers in engineering that I have spoken with about him, he truly is a bright individual. They nicknamed him “The Superior Intellect.” It’s a reference to Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. It’s due to the fact that this man not only looks very similar to Ricardo Montalban’s character as Khan in the movie, it’s also because like Khan the man has an arrogant attitude about his own levels of intelligence. Compared to all us lowly corporate wage slaves and factory peasants anyway.

I have to admit The Superior Intellect really does look like Khan. His hair is long and silver colored which he usually wears pulled back into a pony tail.

The Superior Intellect won’t be working here for much longer. He got himself laid off. Apparently The Superior Intellect has spent a great deal of time training young, inexperienced engineers in our Malaysia divisions. From what I hear he is very critical of their abilities. In department meetings with management The Superior Intellect has been vocal about Malaysian employees lack of skill and schooling. A few months ago The Superior Intellect was in a coffee talk with hundreds of fellow employees. If I haven’t mentioned it before now, a coffee talk is an informal meeting that any mid to upper level manager might hold with his department or a division to communicate general information and take questions. I think it’s something Bill and Dave started long ago as a way to build closer ties with their workforce.

Anyway during this particular coffee talk The Superior Intellect shot his mouth off big time. He trashed management for shifting our work overseas to Malaysia and he openly criticized the workforce there as substandard. Well, many Malay were seated in the audience during his rant and naturally they took offense to it. As soon as that meeting was over some of the Malay got on the phone and called back to their division relating everything The Superior Intellect had said. When he returned to Malaysia for another tour of duty they were waiting for him.

Things were comfortable for The Superior Intellect in Malaysia. He had his own place and apparently he even had his own motorcycle to cruise around Penang with. Not long after his arrival some Malay destroyed his bike and left a threat letter at his residence. After contacting Malay authorities they quickly investigated The Superior Intellect’s situation and came to the conclusion that they could not guarantee his safety in country. The police advised him to leave Malaysia as soon as possible.

Not long after coming back to the States, The Superior Intellect was informed he was to be let go. No doubt having to remove himself from Malaysia under such strange circumstances must have had something to do with that decision. Ironically for being such a smart man I’m surprised he didn’t have enough common sense in his noggin to approach management privately with his opinions and concerns about ongoing production operations in Malaysia. Shooting off his mouth like that in front of dozens of Malay employees was entirely foolish. I mean what did he expect was going to happen after beating them down like that? Maybe The Superior Intellect has more in common with Khan than anyone realized.


~ by factorypeasant on October 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “The Superior Intellect”

  1. Hmmmm. Sounds like to me he knew exactly what he was doing.
    If you do not want to stay with a sinking ship, what better way to go than to say exactly what is going on, then get some cash out of it.

  2. lb- hadn’t thought about it from that angle before. maybe you’re right. still, real dumb to talk shit about the Malay to their faces like that. he’s lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked in Penang…

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