Skeleton Crew

Day shift has a little less than twenty people left. On swing shift there are only four or five of us now. It’s weird walking through buildings where hundreds of people used to work and see nothing but empty floor space. Other areas had large groups of employees working in cubicle mazes doing who knows what. The cubicles are all still there, but no one occupies them anymore. It’s as if everyone suddenly died from disease.

There are three main instrument product groups left in this division, Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, and Sources. All three product groups had a rather large amount of employees assigned to support production. Now they’re a shadow of what they once were. Network only has a couple of technicians on swing shift. Same goes for SA. The only people I see walking in the hallways anymore at night are custodial staff and an occasional security guard. That’s it.

B-Rad and Garden Gnome are gone. Their last day came and went already. I had a good time working with both of them while it lasted. Too bad I didn’t get to hang out for a couple more months with that Garden Gnome character. God damn that guy is hilarious. B-Rad is funny as hell on his own but both of those guys kinda played off each other well. Made coming in to work fun again even if it only lasted for a few weeks.

Boozealler has been swept away by a recent wave of layoffs. I think he wanted to go, but I still feel awkward about the Bossman’s comment after I approached him asking to keep Boozealler out of Button Up. I wasn’t trying to get the man fired. I just wanted him out of my hair.


~ by factorypeasant on October 9, 2006.

5 Responses to “Skeleton Crew”

  1. the ghosts of button up past still linger in the stale air like the stench of a decomposing corpse!!!!


  2. p00t!

  3. ghostrider asks what is this “poot”?

  4. p00t is brown stuff that goes into the toilet bowl…



    having fun in button up today? i’m sippin coffee kickin back. what a nice day it is outside this morning. maybe i’ll go for a walk. heh.

  5. oh poot to you with your coffee and your kickin’ back and your walkin’.why dont ya do somethin’ useful like work on a blog,roll a homeless dood in julliard park,chase skirt on mendo ave,shop for old cds at the last record store,fix the oil leak in your mustang,buy a new intimidating tee shirt,help an old lady across the street,plant a tree,buy a new sweater(fuzzy of course),join greenpeace,kick a cat,buy a stick of gum at safeway and have d. cortez double bag it,make your own halloween costume!!


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