The Corpse Isn’t Cold Yet

This afternoon I arrived in the area to discover Boozealler hard at work for a change. He wasn’t glued to a computer monitor intently reading real estate information nor did he have any of his school text books spread across his workbench. He was animated and enthusiastic, which was a surprise. Hand tools of various kinds were strewn about and miscellaneous bits of hardware were scattered over the bench. There wasn’t a single instrument anywhere near where Boozealler was sitting. At the workbench next to him there was a large pile of metal shelving, ergonomic accessories, an overhead torque tool boom, and other junk. It completely covered the entire workbench so no one could use it until everything was relocated elsewhere. Curious.

Approaching Boozealler I pointed towards the heap of crap and asked him what was going on. Boozealler replied he didn’t like the workbench layout of shelves and ergonomic tool locations. It was uncomfortable for him he said, so Boozealler took it upon himself to redesign everything to suit his personal needs by removing pieces of the workbench. Interesting. I guess it never crossed his mind that three other people need to share the station from time to time and maybe the way Boozealler has re-set it up might be uncomfortable for us. Apparently his physical well being while on the job is more important than we are so that makes it okay. Yeah. B-Rad sat at that particular workbench frequently. It was not exclusively Boozealler’s to do with as he pleased.

B-Rad didn’t say anything about it until a while later. When Boozealler stood up and walked out of the area for a few minutes B-Rad looked at me and said, “Man. The corpse isn’t even cold yet. I’m still here and he’s acting like I’m dead and gone already.” B-Rad laughed about it but I got his point. I could tell he was annoyed. I was too. It bugged me because Boozealler was being insensitive to the fact that B-Rad wasn’t going to be here for much longer. He could have waited until after B-Rad’s last day at the least. That would have been tactful instead of rubbing in the fact that B-Rad was given the axe. Also, I was irritated because until someone spent time to pack up all that junk from the other work bench nobody could use it. So we were down one more available spot. I sure as hell wasn’t going to clean up after Boozealler. Screw that noise.


~ by factorypeasant on October 5, 2006.

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