Studying Real Estate

B-Rad is an early dayshift kinda guy. He’s out of here by two or three in the afternoon. Working swingshift I usually don’t like to appear and perform until a couple of hours later. Usually around five. That isn’t helpful for training purposes so I have been coming in to work around noon or one to spend a couple hours a day with B-Rad learning the Button Up processes. Boozealler is also supposed to be training with B-Rad for part of his shift. Instead of scheduling time to work alongside his most righteous instrument inspection mentor, Boozealler continues to evade any worthwhile training. When he does get stuck in the area he prefers to sit at one of the workbenches and read up on real estate laws. I guess he’s taking classes at the local junior college to become a real estate agent. Looking over his shoulder at his computer screen I notice he’s always got what appears to be online course material for real estate.

He’s dumb.

First of all, we’ve already been through round after round of layoffs. With each layoff hundreds of employees have enrolled in school to become x-ray technicians, nurses, pharmacy technicians, and real estate agents. I read in the newspaper there are approximately 300 more real estate agents in the county now and they’re all former employees of Bill and Dave’s company. None of them noticed the real estate market was already over saturated with established real estate agents. Things haven’t been very lucrative for the rookies in that arena to say the least. Boozealler is making a bad choice of career move in my humble opinion.

Second, we need him to pay attention to his job here. If he doesn’t snap out of it soon the Bossman is probably going to take notice and trash him. It’s inevitable. Losing B-Rad and Garden Gnome means I will be the last man standing in this area. I don’t want to be left running the whole deal by myself. I need help to do this. Boozealler needs to get with it quick like or else.

Third, I’m getting sick of tripping over him every day when I come in to start work. When Boozealler is loafing around studying real estate course material at the only open workbench in Button Up I have to stand around waiting for him to vacate. Might be a couple of hours. I do try to test boxes or run paperwork while he’s being lame but without an actual bench to rip open instruments at there isn’t a whole bunch I can do. Boozealler is wasting my time. That makes me angry. I’ve already talked to him about this crap a couple of times but he keeps ignoring me. Boozealler is a dick.


~ by factorypeasant on October 4, 2006.

12 Responses to “Studying Real Estate”

  1. yea working with the booze-ale-er was tough. he did not want to learn the button up process(it was below his crank snorting self) so like you said he basically got in the way even though he was not around all that often. he was either in the bathroom snorting up or chasing skirt down the hallway. he thought every girl there wanted him. yuck!!!!! yea baby….fist me with your max cady(refer to the movie cape fear) tatooed hand!!!!
    i am sure these times were tough for jason also but he sucked it up and was willing to re-learn the button up process. no whining out of him. he was the easiest dude to train!!! he felt lucky he still had a job in spite of the shitty environment at the company formerly known as….


  2. bud- heh. he was chasin skirts around work like Greasy Guy huh? i didn’t know that. and he was married to a pretty good lookin little blonde too… what a shame.

  3. It’s always nice when daddy is a long time manager if you are a lazy ass and trying to grub your way up and out of production. 😉

    He had his butt covered by LR for a while, they seemed to relate.

    I noticed his twitching eyes and flairing nostrils too when something sweet would walk by…and he just had a kid, that’s sad.

    Terminated, and loving it…gn

  4. gn- sup man. yeah yer right about climbing up the company ladder thanks to a family member in management. hey we’ve seen it many times before. still stinks like moldy cheese though when it’s happening.

    i agree, checkin out female tail when you’re hitched and got a newborn kid is messed up. says a lot about the man’s personality.

  5. hello mental defective league!!!!

    yea that button up team was something else. i wonder what happened to diane,steve,russ,fred,rath(oh yea),marrianna(gn will always remember red g-string!!)and of course leon the criminal(he actually asked dolores out once!!)

    la-ter the worm

  6. the red g string, man that was awesome!! Marianna was especially lovely that day with her make up and “attire”.

    This sounds like bud burr, is that you? Steve is in Placerville and I think has given up body repair as his knee went out. Vince “I will never be back here again” is on his third go round as a contract worker!!! Sheesh. David Lee cuts the neighbors lawn and “Vinnie the falcon” was doing the grass/yard care thing for a while working for David. He ended that as it’s hard work for an old Maltese fart.

    Dianne and hubby are retired and bought a place north of Oroville and are happy.

    I imagine Rath is fine, all she needs to do is look good and smile, life goes on same as it ever did for pretty women.

    Russ? Who knows. Same with Fred.

    OBW, A sucks in case you didn’t know. Always did and always will 🙂

    PS: Dolores keeps sending me info about buying apiece of property from her… 8-(


  7. I almost forgot. Ran into Leon at a local food store and he says he is still gonna kick your ass B-Rad for telling him how to do his job.I mentioned your name and he started sweating and his eyes grew dark as he talked through clenched teeth. Other than that he was very happy and easy to chat with (You know, I never had a problem with him,lol)

    You are so lucky I pulled him off you that day and saved your skinny neck,lol.


  8. yea gn it is b-rad!!!!! by the way what is obw? next time you see leon the criminal tell him i will drop him like a 2 foot put!!!!

  9. gn- Dolores = teh uNwIn and teh UnpR0. she haX0rz! BAN HER FROM TEH SERVAR!!!!!

    marianna is still hangin out with germie g. saw her a few weeks ago at the 24hr gym workin part time behind the counter. y0.

  10. how was marrianna? she still hanging out with jerky boy gp?
    is she working out?

  11. she seemed to be doing well. germie g got a tech job in emeryville and last i heard he was doing okay with it. i talked to both of them months ago when i bumped into ’em at macy’s. she’s just workin a few hours a week at the gym. i go in there almost every other day for a couple of hours but i only seen her in there that one time.

  12. boooo-yaaaa

    germie gee luvs elbows!


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