Funny thing happened with this most recent layoff. All but one of the department’s supervisors have been kicked out. I’m busting a gut laughing about that. Probably the best part of the whole deal is Halfshirt and his precious kiss ass James are no longer employed here. So sweet. Good riddance, assholes!

A supervisor who has been handling new product launches for the past couple of years is stepping down from the R&D labs to take control of our area. He’s no stranger around here since many of us have been working for him indirectly on Mini-Rel without actually reporting to him. I genuinely like the guy, he’s got a real up front honest personality with a reputation for being fair and for being a straight shooter. If you make a mistake somewhere along the line and he has to come speak with you about it he’ll just come right out and say you fucked up. That’s cool because all he wants is whatever situation to be rectified. And if you outperformed or really did a kick ass job the Bossman will make sure you get recognized for it. I like that.

Production managers here in this company used to be held to very high standards of performance and conduct. In the 1970s Bill and Dave’s company was at it’s pinnacle of innovation and status as the world’s premier technology leader. Due to rapid growth and the need for more people to step up in the company many standards were drastically lowered for hiring supervisors. The floodgates were thrown wide open, almost anyone could transition into management. Two decades later you can really see how much damage these incompetant cokeheads have caused throughout our business divisions. It’s been bad. The Bossman however is one of those rare individuals that in my opinion embodied what Bill and Dave sought for in their management team members. They wanted sharp people who could make solid business decisions and who had excellent people skills. Since 1992 I’ve had a lot of supervisors here and only two of them fit into this category. The rest have been junk.

The Bossman dropped by my cubicle the other day and we had a serious talk. Everyone down on the back end of the line has been thrown out. Their exit dates are scheduled three months from now which doesn’t leave much time for training their replacements. We’re already spread pretty thin in the department as it is. He asked if I would be able to handle taking over the Button Up area. It wasn’t great news. Years ago I did plenty of MI/EI work on a couple other instrument lines. The thought of going back to doing that instead of supporting engineering in the environmental lab made me cringe. But, I told the Bossman if there isn’t any choice I’d make the best of it. Yeah, I could handle it. What a big step backwards though. Shipping boxes off the line wouldn’t be anywhere near as interesting as working with prototype units in the lab. Before the Bossman left he said we would talk about it some more soon.

I felt pretty bad for B-Rad and Garden Gnome. B-Rad had been working here for 22 years, most of that time he spent as a MI/EI expert. Losing your job after that many years had to be rough. If I have to go back there to train with them hopefully they won’t be too bitter about it. I mean Garden Gnome and B-Rad won’t have much incentive to show me what’s up since they’ve been ditched. I can completely understand how they might feel in this situation.


~ by factorypeasant on September 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “Bossman”

  1. yea 2003 was a real shitty time at the company formerly known as hewlett packard. the button up team got wiped knome had thrown in the towel a few months earlier and was just going through the motions. he was set finacially and he pretty much said fuck it to the whole agilent mess.
    when boozeler came to train in buttonup things really got bad.he did not want to be there. he thought he was above the inspection process and even stated so at a line meeting.what a pompous pig, that fucking lake county crankhead who was a respected father away from homeless!!with his max cady prison tatoos. anyway he asked for the package but it was to late so they dumped people that might still be there. he got it the next round and afterwards he was trying to sell people home loans. what a joke. bossman knew the whole story and felt sorry for some that got laid off. he was really the only cool boss in the area. to bad i never got a chance to work for him except after the ax fell.halfshirt has a halfwit if you ask me.all he did was plot and chart everything under the sun. he even had a graph showing the number of mice,rats and rodents he had killed throughout the year. what a retard!!

  2. heh. i completely forgot about Halfshirt’s obsession with pie charts and bar graphs. Halfshirt was a graduate of the Barbizon school of management. be a manager or just look like one! pushing papers around all the time he sorta looked like he was managing something…. i guess.

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