Cart Arms

Halfshirt has been doing nothing but whine lately. I’m sick of hearing it. His latest gripe is we don’t have enough instrument arms to mount up more units on hubie carts. There must be a couple hundred carts stacked up in the area right now and there’s plenty of instrument chassis to throw on them. But, no arms to mount them means new boxes sit around on shelves collecting dust. It’s totally stupid because the longer they sit around like that we have less available days to meet their shipment deadlines. Pull out your gun and shoot yourself in the foot please. We’re good at doing that to ourselves around here you know.

A simple solution to the cart arm problem would be for Halfshirt to task his personal kiss ass James to build more arms. We have boxes of brand new hardware to make at least another fifty sets of arms. That idea doesn’t seem to have crossed Halfshirt’s mind at all. Figures. He can’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag.

Yesterday afternoon I was so fed up with Halfshirt’s whimpering that I told him I would make time to build up more cart arms. My plan was to leave them in a couple of boxes on his desk ready to use by tomorrow morning. That would be that, he could shut the fuck up now. When I had two hours free from the chamber area I set myself up at one of the assembly production workbenches with all the necessary parts and hardware. Putting these things together doesn’t require much. Each set of arms are identical with the exception that one side has a sprocket gear added to the axle. The other one is just a straight axle. Two arms, two axles, one sprocket gear, four screws, and four nuts. Put ’em together and tighten up. Place in box. Repeat. Sheesh.

At a minimum when I arrived at work today I expected a thank you from Halfshirt for doing him a favor.

Today when I come in to work I hear Halfshirt did nothing but complain about the new sets of hubie cart arms I built. Get this. He had James the butt snorkle sandpaper the side of each arm that mounts to instrument subframes because he claimed they were all dinged and scratched. When I built them the night before I dumped them into large black ESD boxes. No big deal, we throw them into a variety of containers on the shop floor when not in use and they get handled pretty rough. Halfshirt freaked out as soon as he saw stacks of the hardware thrown into boxes. James wasted a good portion of his shift sanding out miniscule nicks in metal and it’s all for nothing because they’re going to get thrown into boxes again as each unit is shipped off the line. If Halfshirt is so worried about the shit being dinged and somehow scratching front panel instrument paint he should remember one thing: we have instrument touch-up paint for covering minor cosmetic damage from cart arms. That’s what it’s here for in the first place, dumbshit.

~ by factorypeasant on September 21, 2006.

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  1. teh half-shirt style ‘o mngt!

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