Greasy Guy has been back from Malaysia for a couple of months. Everything in the environmental lab is totally jacked up again thanks to his bullshit. It’s amazing how clueless he is. Greasy Guy makes the worst decisions and can’t manage his time. Another round of recent layoffs hit us hard. We lost Mr. McConvict and another helper back here so it’s pretty much been up to me to struggle with the test schedule. We had an older woman who was in bad health trying to assist us but she didn’t like the work. I think she was starting to get hurt trying to load and unload instruments from temperature chambers so I cut a deal with her. As soon as supervisors left for the day each afternoon I said she could sneak up to forward flow and test boxes over there. I’d cover the chamber area. That way she was more comfortable and I wasn’t tripping over her every night.

There’s a new Signal Generator coming out of the R&D labs shortly so we have to get ready to take that on in addition to all the other stuff. Ugh. Management wants Greasy Guy to go back to Malaysia again for another three month assignment. I’m looking forward to that. Get him the hell out of here please. Before he heads overseas the bossman has assigned a desk jockey to train with us in Mini-Rel. That’s cool, I can use the help. But this particular person they’ve chosen is kind of a dunce. Not sure if he’s gonna work well with this.

I call him Boozealler. He was hired in a few years back as a production worker. Lowly manufacturing on the shop floor wasn’t his speed so he’s been ass kissing his way up the supervisor food chain into more and more clerical work. He’s one of those people who wants the high paying desk job but apparently doesn’t have any formal schooling to get him there. I’ve seen this happen many times before. Guys like him weasel their way into a paperwork job after not being worth a shit as an assembler. Then they end up being a mediocre administrator or get involved with some obscure support job. Boozealler has the extra advantage of having a relative who is in management. I think his father works here in some other department so with his pop’s influence Boozealler will probably get what he wants. Oh yeah, one thing I noticed about Boozealler is his skin looks like it’s slowly oxidizing. It’s like he’s covered in white rust. Real weird. He starts learning the Mini-Rel test process with Greasy Guy and myself in the chamber area this week.


~ by factorypeasant on September 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “Boozealler”

  1. Boozealler? Pronounced booz- all- er? Some sort of pun on the guy’s actual name? Or did he have a drinking problem?

  2. you are correct in the pronunciation and yes, it was a pun on his last name. as far as i know he didn’t have a problem with alcohol.

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