Heard that your computer took a shit. Hope that you get it fixed. Thought that you just pulled the plug on E-Mail.

I am going to take your advice on several fronts. Mom just within the past week, has really slipped a bunch. I need a rest, some R&R, and get my head on straight.

I was going to pursue Medicaid, but that is the end of the Estate for you and your sister. I have changed nothing. Who knows what will happen ?? I certainly do not. I am trying to find either Philipino or Mexican help with references. The Mexican help is through a family that owns about 5 restaurants up here. They are as honest as people can get. I will pay under the table, which is a help to most of them anyhow, and it helps me, except for a tax writeoff. I will start with 8 hour days, and then see what is really required. Some friends did this with their Dad, and the Philipino woman was wonderful. I figure that I can maintain Mom in good comfortable condition at home here for quite some time. If a nurse is required, then I will have to go that direction. If I need 24 hour care then I will do what is required. I may need to put Mom in a home at one point, but, will do so on my own, without Medicaid. If I request Medicaid help, it is the end of our house for you and your sister. In other words, there is no point in being premature with Medicaid, I cannot undo Medicaid. When I am down to the bottom of our barrel, then I will have to do what is necessary. I have talked this over with friends and they all agree on this course.

Thanks for calling Mom, it was a help. The party was pleasant, and we found things to laugh about. The people were just “super” to Mom. and very Loving. About a dozen or more showed up, and, No “Dorks” invited. Today I went over to another neighbor and borrowed her puppy toy Pomeranian. Mom played with that dog for two hours, and the dog wore out Mom. Mom loves the dog, but, found out that they are too “hyper” for her. No Dogs ! Thank God !

I heard a horrible noise in my driveway today, and it was yet another neighbor with a snow blower. We had a foot of powder in the driveway. If you drive over it, it is then ice. So, I got some clothes on and helped him. We did about 12 homes in a couple of hours. We got a LOT of Thank You’s. Even Mom came out and watched for a few minutes.

Sent some photo’s to Autumn for you. Mom’s #57, snow, and the little dog.

Took Mom to Wells Fargo yesterday,to sign the signature card for the safe deposit box. She just scribbled, but it is her signature now. Also will put a “tidy” bit of money back into savings. Will explain that one to you, one day on the phone, and it came from an Attorney.

I would send you the photo’s that I sent Autumn, but, it might screw up your machine. She’ll show them to you.


I have a backup PC that I have been using for a few weeks. It’s always good to have a spare around. The motherboard on my good PC has a number of blown capacitors. It shouldn’t take me much time to repair, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

I haven’t pulled the plug on any email. I have received everything you sent.

It is good you are finally getting some help for Mom on a daily basis at home. However I don’t think getting under the table help as you put it is the way to go about it. You need professional help for Mom, as well as yourself. I still think you can find part time help and I suspect you just haven’t put that much effort into the search. I will try to find you some more options this week.

I am not interested in money, I am not interested in what is in your will or trust or whatever you’ve worked out. If you have resources at your disposal to make your situation more comfortable and Mom’s care better by all means use it. That’s what it is there for. Whatever you may or may not leave behind is not a concern. Mom’s immediate situation is a concern.

The phone calls during the past week really angered me. I know Mom cannot call out from your place unless you allow her to do so. I know you were coaxing her at least twice during the calls because I could hear you in the background trying to get her to say things. Do not manipulate her. You aren’t fooling anyone so stop trying.

As for my recent email that you supposedly showed to Mom I have a clear conscience, your guilt trip failed quite miserably. If she was upset after reading that one just think how upset she will be if I show her just two of your now infamous *divorce* emails. I can play your game and play it well. So watch your step. Also you can cut the small talk crap. I know you don’t give a shit about anything going on with myself or my sister as you’ve never been much interested anyway.

We’re down to brass tacks at this point, no need to hide it. Just want to make sure we’re all clear and on the same page here.


~ by factorypeasant on September 9, 2006.

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