Mom and I had not finished our Financial Planning, and I needed to see one more really good Attorney. And by the way, I meant to say Medicaid, when our money runs out. Anyway this Attorney calls this afternoon. We speak briefly, and I generally tell him where we are at, and That we need a few good answers. He proceeds to tell me that the AD married couple is the worst scenario that there is , and I/we will be broke at the end. I already knew that. Guess what his fee is for helping Mom file for Medicaid, and assisting us with various legal papers ? $6500 up front, on his desk. Now, I happen to have $6500, because I made an effort to save money. You are probably the only person on the face of this earth that could, or would, call that “deplorable”. As you have never saved money in your life ( savings ), you would not know how hard it is. If I bought a dozen AK47’s, would that have been a better move ?

Mom shorted out today, and asked me to call your aunt for her. Mistake ! Mom knows that all your info comes from your aunt, and she doesn’t want to see her again. She feels the same way about you. She would like to move and see none of you again. If I could help her achieve that goal, I would. However, moving at this time, is not possible. I did see a Real Estate person today, and they appraised our house. This golf course is the Last place that anyone wants to move to. It is not a hot spot at all. It is one of the worst, and least desirable, according to the Real Estate fellow that your aunt also knows. Highest Taxes also. Would be next to impossible to break even in over two years. I would love to accommodate her and move, but it ain’t gonna happen.

I’m throwing a Birthday party for Mom. Been planning it for a couple of months. If you cared about her, you’d call. Christmas too !



~ by factorypeasant on September 3, 2006.

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