What do you know about Medicare ? Medicare for a married couple is the financial ruin. You continue to make comments about my “hording” cash, and outliving my wife. There is every possibility that Mom will outlive me, and frequently, AD patients as young as Mom linger for 10 to 20 years in homes. The money was a conserted effort on my part to “save” for Mom’s use. One home up here, will cost around $5700 a month. Then there are extras, that will need to be paid for like prescriptions, diapers, doctors,. etc That is all extra cost per month. My pension will be cut in half. If Mom went into a home today, which she does not want to do, I might be able to handle the financial burden for about three years, then we are “Belly Up” broke. The extra costs, are bills that are sent to me, not your sister or you. So, is it deplorable, that I am trying to “bolster” our assetts in Mom’s behalf ??

Would it be better if I spent every nickel on frivilous stuff , and saved nothing ? I took your advice about taking Mom on a cruise, as it would be a difficult endeavor, not to mention the expense. If I thought that Mom could have enjoyed the cruise, I would have said, “Damn the expense”.

Mom does not want to go into a home now. This morning she said that she would “kill herself” first. So, I am between what you want me to do, and what Mom does not want to do.

It seems that your “Hatred for me” has replaced any common sense, logic, and good judgement. I have been cutting your mothers food, helping her eat, doing the laundry,taking her to the Hairdressers ( every week ), cleaning the house, paying the bills, etc, for a very long time.

This is no longer , about Mom, it is a “Personal” matter for you. If you in fact cared about Mom, you would have called on Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Seems like words are no good any more. Do what you have to do. I know that your focus is NOT on helping Mom, but, hurting me if you can.



~ by factorypeasant on September 3, 2006.

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