You still don’t have your info straight, and probably never will. Sure I have had lack of patience with Mom at times. Who wouldn’t. I have helped her a thousand times more than you. Yesterday we took Mom to a show, and it took three of us to get her down from the dimly lit balcony. Thankfully, we were with another couple, and they helped. Then we went to their house for dinner. Mom could not drink out of a tall wine glass, and we got a small one. Every day is geared toward Mom.

My brother doesn’t contact ANYONE in his family. Not his Son, who is “Gay”, nor his daughter. My mistake was loaning him money which he did not repay. He does not contact me, and disappeared from everyone in his family. He was an embassassment to all. I will never forget your telling me of Autumn’s choice to not let you move in with her, as being irresponsible and “flaky” with the paying of bills. My co-signing for you at Circuit City, was the only blemish that I have ever had on my credit. And I’m sure that you never cared enough to tell me.

Now if I am to believe that YOU sought legal help in our area. Quit bullshitting me. You don’t have “dime one” and your aunt and uncle are helping and/or paying for the advice and/or help. This is a lot to do with your aunt not liking me, and trying to divide our family. Well that is history.

As Far as “paying the fiddler”, if it is now a personal matter, that is your choice.

You mother is VERY pissed off at her sister, and wishes not to talk to her again. Nothing to do with me. If you meddle, in what is left of our life, Mom will be VERYunhappy with you also. Have you talked with any of our close neighbors that we dine with often ?? Have you talked with people that we see often ? Have you talked with your Mom’s doctors ? My suspician, is that you have observed a few things, know little, and listened to your aunt a lot. It has been a long and hard adjustment for me. It was a gross error on my part to share my emotional difficulties with you. I too would like to be like my brother Steve, and disappear from my family.

If your planning some sort of a court action, with your aunt at the center, all that you will do is drag Mom through a long mess. I would have to assume that what you really want is to drag ME through a long mess. I have been saving money for the time when your mother will need it the most. I am seeing a last Attorney this week, that specializes in Elder Law. I have many problems with our assetts.

If you wish to talk with some of our friends. Be informed. These people we’ve seen ten times more than your aunt and uncle, and we go to dinner frequently. My guess is this is now a “Personal Matter”, and you will not take the time to talk with anyone except them.

What you are forgetting, is several things. Mom has fought me “tooth and nail” about having someone else in the house. Help is very hard to find help on a part time basis. An 8 hour shift is about $160. And it is an unknown person. Your mother is violently against this.

Another guess is that you wish to add more of an emotional burden to what we already have to deal with. In other words, it is a time to “Get Even”. Like I said before, YOU, don’t have the resources to do anything, so your aunt and uncle are your team mates. Sort of a “Tag Team”.

I let Mom read your letter, and she is crying in the living room.

Do what you have to do.



~ by factorypeasant on September 3, 2006.

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