You have done much to help us move from California, and up here in Idaho as well. Thank You for that. It was generous, and time consuming for you.

So, I have a lot of personal problems – who doesn’t ?? One of the one’s that I need to get over is expectations of what people should do. Whether people should write, or whether you should contact Mom, is your business. I guess that what I expect, sets me up for being disappointed. Just like your aunt. I’m sure that it would be easier on all concerned if I just let everyone do their thing.

I’ve been thinking lately about how bad of a father have I really been ? All that I really wanted for you, was to become self reliant, responsible, and hopefully successful, or at least working at something you like with a good future. I may still be able to help both you and your sister with a starter house. Just depends on what you need. Our first house was a “dump”, but it was a start. I may be able to help you and your sister get started toward a house of your own. I do not know yet. Either everything will be O.K.financially, or I will be busted.

So, I have made mistakes, and have been very much stressed out and edgy. It’s not an excuse, but, it is quite a lot to deal with. I am so very Thankful, that I was able to save some money for your Mom, if she needs it.

I have discussed the past Thanksgiving Fiasco with many friends. All of them would have writen off your aunt and uncle. I believe that your uncle was the real problem now, and he just cannot live without his “dearest” Fred. That is fine and I do not need either of them.

If I ever get out of this “Pickle” that I’m in, there will be a “For Sale” sign here within minutes. I would like Mid Nevada around Gardenerville, ( just East over the mountain from South Shore. Butler lives there and the bicycle riding is Great. )

So, if your hopelessly pissed off at me, you always have your aunt and uncle. If I have the opportunity to move, it will be as quick as is possible, but, all based on what Mom can handle. I am not going to put her though a move while she is sick.



~ by factorypeasant on September 2, 2006.

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