I am Not trying to continue ANY argument or the like. I am absolutely flabbergasted that you have so little regard for your mother, that you could not have called her on Christmas. It really hurt her, not to hear from you. We talked about it at dinner last night.

Yesterday, could well have been Mom’s last Christmas. She definetely has “something” going on in her body.The Dr. seemed very specifically interested in her “liver”. She seems “Bloated” to me, and her stomach is large and distended. He mentioned a new Biopsy, so, he obviously thinks that there may well be more cancer. I tried to inform you of that.

I can understand that you don’t want to talk with me, that is the way it is. Mom is another matter, and she has done nothing to you, but, be your only Mother. I don’t “get it” ! But, I do not get most of what you do. Maybe you have “problems “of your own, like possibly drinking too much. I don’t know, but, that can really screw a person up. It certainly screwed me up the “second” time I got involved with it, and I shocked myself. If you think that I am a Coward, I’m sorry about that. I have had more adversity in my life than you’ll ever have, with both my Mother and Father. So Christmas is history, and maybe shortly, Mom may be history. Once the liver is affected by cancer, a person can be dead in weeks. Mom will receive no treatment for her next bout with cancer. We were told that up front over a year ago. She will be kept “pain free”, and she did not want “Chemotherapy”. There are many possible outcomes here, BUT, I still do not understand your lack of compassion for your mother.

Even your aunt is smart enough to realize that Jan is blameless, in our friction up here, and bought Mom a present. I helped Mom do the same.

That is how I feel, and I’m sure that I have done little, to make you realize what you mean to Mom. TRY CALLING MOM !!!


I don’t bother to call anymore because I have to go through you to get to her. It’s unfortunate you’re in the way.

I know you are still abusive to my mother on a daily basis, and I have begun to take direct action for Mom’s benefit. My only regret is I did not do this sooner.

You have demonstrated that you are barely able to make any decisions. The past three years have been a disaster and I blame your inability to think sensibly or in a coherent manner. Like Mom, in many ways I believe you are also ill. There is no other explanation. Your actions are erratic and unstable.

From my sister’s description of her Thanksgiving visit it seems like you did your best to make her totally miserable and turn the holiday upsidedown. I expected that and I feel wise I didn’t make the trip up. The same goes for Christmas, I’m sure you would have done anything and everything possible to fuck it all up for everyone. I’ve told her I don’t think she should visit your house again unless she stays in a hotel and has myself or her husband there with her.


~ by factorypeasant on September 1, 2006.

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