I feel like I need to inform you of how Mom is doing. Yesterday we saw her cancer surgeon. Mom lately has lost much ground, has had a bad cough, and is just “out to lunch”.

The surgeon apparently found something, mentioned a needle Biopsy, and a couple of other things. Mom has been scheduled for her second Mammogram on 1-12-04. After that, I would expect that we will talk with the surgeon. Mom is getting very sick both mentally and physically. Considering the way she acts, appears to be a little “Bloated”, I would not be surprised that the cancer has spread. I do not know that, it is just a feeling. The Dr. also mentioned to me in private, that “WE” would be making decisions for Mom, and her AD would play a part in those decisions. I was told, over a year ago, that if the cancer came back, it was “Terminal”.

I’m not trying to create gloom, just informing you about your Mother. It has been very tough these past three years, and I would not wish them on anyone.

Your sister talked with Mom tonight, and said that she sounded “awful”. Mom went to bed at about 8:00p.m. Exhausted, mentally shot, etc.

If you send this back, I’ll understand. But, I owe you the information on your Mom. Once I get a handle on what is going on, I can plan for Mom’s needs.



~ by factorypeasant on September 1, 2006.

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