Was talking with Ron and Ray had mentioned that you both are survivors at Bill and Dave’s. That is good. Ray also mentioned something about how good you are, at what you do. That was a nice compliment. Ray and his wife are expecting their second child.

I am taking Mom out for Christmas dinner at her favorite restaurant. I tried to invite a few people over to our house for Christmas dinner, but, most folks have family, and obligations to be with them. So, we are alone for Christmas. I just wish to get past the Holidays, and on with next year.

I have Mom on the new Med from England ( about 6 weeks ) and I see no improvement. She is in a steady decline downhill, and it doesn’t seem like anything will stop the degenerative process. The Medication from England is hard to get, and time consuming, and am wondering if I should contiue with it. I don’t know. Guess that I will discuss that with her doctor.

I guess that if I could “un do” the tension up here I probably would, however, I was not the one that initiated it, therefore, cannot change it. It would be wonderful to have a “normal” family life like some families enjoy.

I did not send out cards or gifts this year. Just was not in the spirit of Christmas, and looking forward to it’s being over. Hope that you have a nice time during the Holidays. I got Mom a very expensive Bracelet from her favorite jewelery maker, and that is her gift this year.



~ by factorypeasant on September 1, 2006.

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