Decided to inform you of what’s current with Mom.

Cancer: She had a Mammogram ( 1rst since surgery ) on 8-28, and a follow up with her surgeon 5 days ago. That follow up was a physical examination of both breasts for lumps and abnormalities, to include lynph nodes under her other arm. One side has been stripped of lymph nodes.

Her Cancer is very deadly, and has “No Blood Markers”. Meaning that they cannot draw blood and tell if it is in her system. She is scheduled for Mammo’s and surgeon follow ups, every three months, for a couple of years.

Alzheimer’s: This has been especially frustrating to find good medication for. There are only three Meds here, and none of them are a cure, or do much for the symptoms. Mom has been on “All Three”, with horrific side effects from two of them.

There is a medication that has been used in Germany for the past ten years or so( Memantine ), and I had made contact with a pharmacy in Hamburg Germany to get this Med for Mom. Memantine, has been the medication of choice in Europe ( Alzheimers ), and does quite a bit more than anything that we have here. I contacted the Pharmaceutical company that will market Memantine here in the U.S.A. ( Forest Pharaceuticals ), as the FDA had not approved it for sale here. This last week, Daryl Wesche, the senior marketing person for Forest, informed me, that they had finally gotten approval from the FDA, but, were waiting for a formal letter. Once that letter is received, Memantine will be available here in the U.S.A. I have a prescription already from our Dr. , and just waiting for the release of the medication. Again, it is no cure. As an example: A woman that could no longer do many things like cook, is back to being able to cook. A great help.

For some unexplained reason, our Dr.s here, are not keeping up with Research Development, and are for the most part ignorant of new but not available drugs. I guess that they do not have time to read up on things.

Mom will be on Memantine along with Reminyl very shortly. Probably within 2 months, maybe sooner. Memantine may buy her some time.

Myriad Pharaceutical: MPC-7869 is a new drug undergoing reasearch by Myriad Pharaceutical in Utah. I contacted them for particulars about this new drug. It appears to even reverse some of the damaging plaque build up in Alzheimer’s patients brain. This will be the first drug that might be considered the beginning to a cure. The clinical trials are starting next Fall at San Diego State University. I contacted San Diego State University, and I have Mom enrolled for those trials, however, I am not certain that I wish to put her through what they want to do. Lumbar punctures ( spinal taps ) and the like. The FDA will be screwing around with MPC-7869 for who knows how long. Years ! I was hoping that they would just give Mom some of the drug, but, not so. She would become a Guinea Pig. Not likely !

I have kept our Dr. busy reading up on shit, and he E-Mails me all the time with certain questions about whom to contact for what. I have kept him well informed, and we get along fine. I had Forest Pharaceuticals mail a whole bunch of stuff to him on Memantine, so that he could understand the medication. They checked his credentials first, then mailed him the information.

That is pretty much the whole enchilada on Cancer and Medications. You are now as well informed as I am.

There are other issues with Mom. When to get inside the home help. I would love to get away for a week every now and then, but, you do not understand the situation. At one point your aunt would sort of help out, but, not to my liking. Mom cannot even change TV channels, and she would be leaving Jan alone for much of the day. No Dice. The alternative, is hiring help. Mom has been violently against strangers in the house. A source of argument. So, I am fucked. That’s the way it goes.

You expressed better help for Mom – Go for it ! I just will not deal with you know who. She has the brain of a three year old, and that explains why, as a “Woman” she has accomplished nothing . She knows everything, and has done nothing !

I do not wish to fight with you, and have found myself in a difficult position. I guess that I will have to live with those choices and consequences. I do not wish to be screamed at over the phone, nor scream back at someone else. I am 63, and don’t have unlimited time. If you choose to come up and see Mom sometime soon, you are welcome. Mom is what’s important. Your sister assures me that she is coming up for Thanksgiving, however, I feel that she does not understand how booked the airlines usually are. I will be shocked if she gets a ticket ( which I will pay for – you also, if you wish ).

If you want to talk about something, please call. Mom loves phone calls from you guys.



~ by factorypeasant on August 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “9.29.2003”

  1. Almost seems human.

  2. heh. that’s what he wants you to think…

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