I apologize for my slip of the tongue regarding your age. I know how old you are, and what day is your birthday. I wonder if you know mine or Mom’s ??

Your comment about seeking better medical care for Mom, is spoken in total ignorance. You find her better Medical Care, and I will pay for it. She does not want anyone in our home at present, and has refused the idea repeatedly.

Many of your thoughts are born out of ignorance of this situation, and a lack of contact with Mom. I personally do not want to see you over Thanksgiving. You are full of Bad Information, and , Worse Information.

I am still puzzled by your “hoarding money” comment. Another ignorant statement. Mom does not want anyone in our home. So, if I spend all of our money, and we have no savings, would you be happy then ? Don’t say ” nice job saving $30,000 Dad”. Just for your information, $30,000 is about 6 months of Long Term Health Care. A drop in the bucket.

You and I have had it, and there WILL be one day when you’ll regret that.



~ by factorypeasant on August 21, 2006.

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