Money Hoarding

Dad is so fucked up in the head. It’s off any kind of measurable scale. In his twisted little nightmare world he’ll end up penniless and out on the street homeless any day now thanks to Mom’s disease. I’m beginning to wonder who is really ill here, Dad or my Mother. Lately I’ve been leaning more towards the verdict that Dad is actually the person suffering from mental disability… not Mom. He’s become so weird with their cash flow that he won’t spend hardly anything for Mom’s benefit. Dad seems to have no problem buying expensive crap for himself on a whim whenever he wants to. If Mom wants anything and asks him for it no matter how inexpensive it is, Dad instantly shoots her down and says they can’t afford it. Dad is doing the absolute bare minimum to take care of Mom while trying to bullshit the rest of the family into thinking he’s going broke taking care of her. I know better.

What my Father doesn’t realize is, I am in direct contact with Mom’s doctors, my aunt and uncle, and some of their neighbors. I know what is really going on despite his idiotic claims. I’ve caught him in a number of outright lies already. For now, I haven’t said anything to him about that stuff. I’m giving him enough rope to hang himself with. Dad’s behavior is becoming more and more sinister. It’s like he is deliberately trying to isolate Mom from the rest of us. Every morning Dad wakes her up, throws some clothes on her back and plunks her down in front of the television. Most days she gets fed TV dinners. When he’s too lazy to do that he takes Mom out to dive restaurants and hits on waitresses right in front of her. Real class act there. I accused him of hoarding both his and Mom’s retirement cash the other day just so he can spend the bulk of it on himself. Here is Dad’s bullshit rebuttal.


Had to take Mom out to get dinner, and a few new DVD’s that she wanted. About $120 worth of DVD’s.

Our financial advisor, thinks that I am doing a great job with the assetts that we have, and with the savings that I have been able set aside. Mom has had incredible medical bills that you know nothing about, and our insurance did not pay all of her bills. Not even close. I have come to the conclusion, that people will have opinions of this and that. What is important, is whom is doing what and who isn’t. Whether I am right or wrong, I am alone, and doing the best that I can do. That is the end of the story. All of our bills are paid, up to date, and money set aside for next month. If that makes me subject to scrutiny, as a Money Monger, and “Hoarding Money”, than I am guilty as charged, and damn proud of it. I would call it being “Financially Responsible’, and staying on top of my fiancial obgligations. I always have, and always will !

I have been “chuckling” all day about the money hoarding thing. I just cannot believe that you came up with that one. Sounds more like something you heard from the 85 pound mouth with one moving part ( tongue ). I remember telling Linda that Jan could spend whatever amount of money she wanted to spend, as we had “Gobs” of money. That of course, almost made her eyes bulge out of her head as she is so cheap.

As I said before, Linda is an information freak, and Gossip is her entire life. So, whatever you tell her about us, will feed her for quite some time. I don’t give a shit.

Just stop and think about this. If I were not watching out for both Mom and myself, who would ??

Sorry, but your criticizm is not on my agenda. Future messages will be canned.



~ by factorypeasant on August 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “Money Hoarding”

  1. I’m just wondering, were there any good times with dad? Did you ever enjoy flying the RC planes or aything like that with him?

  2. not really. everything was forced and kinda weird. nothing comes to mind anyway.

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