Customer Simulation Tyrants

I was talking to some of our Button Up guys the other day about how things were going on the back end of the line. Working as much as I do between the environmental lab and our chamber area I don’t see the light of day anymore. I had no idea what was happening out on the shop floor with regards to regular production stuff.

Apparently now that Customer Simulation is a full fledged department there have been a bunch of conflicts and problems. With the exception of one or two people, most of of their screening staff in Customer Sim was made up of employees who weren’t useful on their instrument lines. They’re dregs. People who just can’t get along with others and or are shoddy workers. Some of them are using their position in Customer Sim to fuck with people they personally don’t like back in their old areas. In some cases our Button Up guys told me Customer Sim staff are deliberately sending units back to the instrument lines that don’t have any problems. Units that essentially don’t have any electrical malfunctions or anything wrong cosmetically. It’s become somewhat of a power struggle, a pissing contest.

Meanwhile instruments that need to ship out to customers are becoming increasingly late. We’re missing shipment commitments. That’s no good.

A few of the Customer Sim people are becoming tyrants. They’re rejecting most of the work they see on a daily basis for petty reasons. When employees from each production line go into their Customer Sim area to pick up supposedly broken instruments and fix them, arguments are starting. It’s wasting more of everyone’s time. Line supervisors are having to make personal appearances to sort things out. To an extent some of those managers are being dragged into the verbal mayhem. It’s so stupid. None of this would be necessary if we still had veteran workers inspecting finished instruments before they leave production lines for shipment.


~ by factorypeasant on August 10, 2006.

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