Exporting Greasy Guy

Ah. Things are getting back on track in the chamber area. Everything is organized and clean for once. As soon as Greasy Guy left for the airport I grabbed a bottle of Lab Clean and a box of blue shop towels. Walking through the chamber area and the environmental lab I scrubbed all of Greasy Guy’s gray filmy forehead slime off the observation windows of each temperature chamber. You know what? I can finally see shit properly in the chambers. Yeah!

I’ve got three months of Greasy Guy free time running Mini-Rel. I’m in charge of the gig. Without him around I should be able to get caught up with management’s production schedule, turn this whole operation around. I swear that guy is the biggest obstacle we have to meeting deadlines. It’s like having a speedboat with a big block V8 in it, but you can’t pull a water skier up and out because you’re dragging three anchors along the lake bottom.

Someone had the bright idea to send him over to Penang. He’s going to be training some of their technicians to perform Mini-Rel procedures. I feel sorry for those employees because they’re not going to learn much from Greasy Guy except bad habits. He’s also going to eat all their food. Those poor Malay…


~ by factorypeasant on July 28, 2006.

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