An Unemployed Drunk

Great news when I came in to work today. The Drunk got herself fired. Not laid off. No severance package. Fired. That is the coolest shit EVER.

The Drunk was pulling a fairly idiotic scam that finally caught up with her. Since 1996 she’s been showing up to work almost every day totally bombed. Her peers knew about it but for some reason they looked the other way and tolerated it this whole time. She has an office at two of our factories here in the county. So what she did was place a notice on her desk at each office saying she was at the other site. If anybody was looking for her they’d just assume she was at the other division for a meeting or something. Then she stopped coming in to work altogether. What a genius. I guess The Drunk got away with it for quite a long time before someone noticed.

I laughed for a while.

When I first met The Drunk she was my boss in Spokane, Wa. Hired in as a Material Coordinator, my job was to train in every aspect of the instrument line and then take over responsibility for ordering all of that product line’s parts and supplies. It’s a tough job, but I could have easily handled it. Because of the job’s scope it came with a decent pay rate. Weeks after I arrived on site in Spokane to begin work I was sabotaged by one of The Drunk’s kiss asses who was pissed off that she didn’t get the Material Coordinator job. I had the position swiped out from under me with no recourse or avenue to make a grievance. I lost a considerable amount of money over the years thanks to The Drunk and that is why I am particularly happy to hear she’s been kicked out. I hope she buys a bottle of fortified wine and ends up face down in a muddy ditch.

~ by factorypeasant on July 27, 2006.

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