Dr. Sullivan

Someone around here, I don’t know who left out a copy of a news article from The Wall Street Journal concerning our company. The article was titled “Your Career Matters: In Hot Demand, Retention Czars Face Tough Job.” Out of curiosity I picked it up and started reading. Then my jaw dropped. The article was about a guy named Dr. John Sullivan who had been brought in at corporate as a hiring/retention consultant. Dr. Sullivan apparently wasted no time in studying our company’s culture and in less than seven months he accurately identified every single major problem we have. I mean this guy was dead on with his observations and he even gave Supergeek solid solutions for correcting our woes. Problem was Supergeek and the rest of the top dogs refused to listen to him. Typical.

During the tech boom of 1999-2000 job attrition across most hi-tech companies was at an all time high. People were scrambling to find a good job, and then once settled would promptly go out and find a better job. Skilled workers at almost any level were in total demand. Wanting to find ways of keeping our employees from quitting Dr. Sullivan began to look very closely at the company’s negative aspects.

One of our biggest company wide problems is that we have an abundance of lower level managers with little skill or aptitude for making good business decisions. Nor do they have skills to deal well with the people that work for them. Generally speaking these supervisors treat their top performing employees very poorly while favoring non-performers and kiss asses. As a result, the star employees either quit working in that department which disrupts production on their former line or they quit the company altogether. Then we lose the value of time and resources invested in that person. I’ve seen this happen over and over again here, it’s a serious issue. To deal with this, Dr. Sullivan recommended identifying all of the worst supervisors and getting rid of them. Upper management refused to do so.

Here at this division Dr. Sullivan gave a presentation to management. Shortly after he began to speak about 10 of our supervisors got up and walked out of the room. Why? Because Dr. Sullivan was telling them the truth, that they were bad managers. Their ears were closed as usual, not wanting to hear any of it. I imagined both The Drunk and The Beard were two of the first to walk out.

After seven months of fighting with Supergeek and upper management Dr. Sullivan quit the company. How ironic that the man they hired to retain talent ended up quitting. That says quite a bit about us, I think. Today most if not all of the same problems we’ve had for years are still plaguing us. When I finished reading the article I made some more photocopies of it and I highlighted a few sections that talked about our problem managers. I even hand wrote in a note saying, “This means you” then I walked around to the offices of some supervisors who in my opinion are the worst of the worst and should be eliminated. I left a copy on their chairs. Nothing would come of it, but I knew they would see it and read the WSJ article first thing the following morning. They’d be angry. Just thinking about that made me feel better before I left for the night.


~ by factorypeasant on July 24, 2006.

57 Responses to “Dr. Sullivan”

  1. Wery goot Mein Beifster,
    On der occasion off a goot post,
    I vill escape from charactor unt say “BRAVOOO”
    Your posting bring to light der unfortuate but only way to destroy a company….KILL ze body to get to der head…There ees no other way……Adios

  2. Very interesting reading.
    Sad having an employee quit when he was hired specifically to generate incentives on retaining talented people.
    A friend of mine who works for Bill and Dave’s and turned me onto this site.I enjoy the stories and the blend of narrative with 1st person prospectives the author uses.
    (off topic)
    I particularly found the Tony Ruthledge posts extremely entertaining. I was in Las Vegas over the weekend visiting a friend in the area and I took note of the club Tony had mentioned in his final post. Since I was at the strip anyway I decided to check out Tabu Ultra Lounge where Tony mentioned he was working.After paying 40 dollars to gain entry, I was impressed by the ambiance of the place and decided that if the music was not to my liking I can always leave and check out the rest of the venue.
    There was a DJ was name escapes me but did not appear to resemble Tony (as described on here). However, there was a “groupie” who was with the Dj who had a cameo later on by the name of Dj Anton who closely fit the vision of Tony I had in my mind.This dj was a truely sad sight as his abilities where no where near that of the main dj’s.During the dance portion, this guy walked around pouring drinks into people’s cups and shelling out a hundred dollars to buy drinks for the people at the bar.He had a group with him that seemed to be more interested in obtaining free booze then conversing with him.The kicker was the main Dj invited this guy up and as he hopped up on the dj platform he knocked over the stand and table which was actually quite funny.He did a sound that I can only describe as a fusion between 80’s rap and techno dance club music.(awful to my taste). After 15 minutes of this along with his silly dance routines made me extremely anxious to get out of there.I went to the restroom and my friend commented that this dj anton was like a gopher that was put up for a laugh rather than his abilities as a Dj.
    As we left the restroom,I took note that hardly anyone was on the dance floor while dj anton was in a trance engorged in the sounds he was making.I looked over at the group he was with and observed laughter-not sure if it was at this Dj or not but I had enough and left.I’m not sure if this is the same guy as Tony but there were alot of similarities.

    Great blog site!

    Best regards


  3. Sinclair,

    Really? I always assumed that Tony was a fictional character. You actually saw the guy and he really is a D.J. and was shelling out hundred dollar bills? Amazing. I thought for sure we were all being goofed on. Reminds me of a story my dad told me. On his wedding day, my dad slipped his mom a hundred bucks because she and her fiance’ (a gangster in the mafia. 100% not joking on this) were having some trouble getting the rent paid. Ten minutes later, my dad’s best man came up to my dad and said, “Your mom’s fiance’ just slammed down a hundred dollar bill and bought drinks for the entire bar.” This was in 1962. Not sure how much $100 back then was worth, but that’s a lot of booze. Needless to say, the rent didn’t get paid. Some people just need to be big shots, I guess.

  4. WELL NOW BOYS!!!!!
    I been tellin’ ya now fer quite a spell, the only way to git it done
    is to make make em’ stand up an tussle like the sissys they is…
    Slap em’ so hard they drop a steamer right where they standin’!!
    Yup.. that’ll do it I reckon.
    Don’t ferget – the Sheriff tole ya first!!!

  5. SenSei- more AIDS please.

  6. simclair,,
    i like how you changed stuff around,,fist off,none of that happened.if my mixin was bad then why im i mixin AGAIN next week at the longe???second,the group i was with were my homies,,jseay bday dats how i do it when we celebraet a homies bday,,i buy EVERYBODY drinks.third,you ever trip on a wet floor??or are you a floater over wet floors??4th off,,you dont like house music thats your hangup and why did you go their anyway.why you got to write this bs on here,,,to get me on my nerves???sinclare(or boomer i shod say)iflattened that you came out to see me but i knew they throw you out cuz you had to dress up to get in the club.your story is weak and i know its wrong cuz you would have said descriptions of what i look like.i weared versace slacks,ballys,armani shirt and stylin oaklys and yet YOU DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!!!now what,,thats what i thought.please leave me alone and quit harasing me cuz your story dosn’t make any dam sense at all and why you have to say anything if you cant let things be.dont wory,i already talked to skeez and he said you wrong if it was you or your boys that came out to be sayin stuff like that.either you jellous or just cant leave me out of your comp world.i aint gettin mad anymore but i wish you would say somethin nice for a chance instead of beratting me every freekin chance you get.
    im out

  7. Tony,

    Stop being so selfish with commas. Boomer needs some and you have plenty. If you have too much animosity towards Boomer to help him out, K-mart is offering a limited time special where you can trade in excess commas for apostrophes and capital letters. Boomer, that same same store is offering customers the opportunity to cash in excess “Thanks my bitch”es for commas. I like reading you two beat down each other, but sometimes it’s hard to decipher where one thought ends and another begins in order for the reader to fully appreciate the great subtlety and genius of the insults. Help a brother out. Punctuate.



  8. dude,,
    i aint got animocity towards nothin.especialy to someone that thinks checking the way i rite like its a big deal.i just dont apreciate that that ashole is sayin shit or sent someone and now they are making up shit that never hapened.i just want boomer to admit that he was wrong or tell his homies to stop making shit up about me,i dont care bout nothin else.

  9. Anthony

    Ol boy got his cage rattled last time thats why he ain’t saying shit. Dont sweat it and don’t let this sucka get to you because it was probably some other slice messing with you.


  10. “More Aids Please” ???
    ‘scuse me suh!…ya’ll mus have me cornfused wit that other cowgirl –
    BoomBoomer….He’s such a DustMop if’in ya’ll get my drift. Why jes last week I heard he mighta been seen doin’ the Hot Carl with big Milton…I dunno…jes what I heard on the trail….ya’ll keep it smooth an easy…an jus a little bit greasy.
    See ya on the outskirts…Sheriff

  11. Sensei- that was like HIV minus (-). i’m concerned about you. i can only do so much to help but if you’re not willing to put in any effort then well… i’m afraid we’ll have no choice other than to let you go.

  12. Oh Yeah, You’ll have to let me go…To The Bank….sides I’d be more concerned wit that BoomStick feller toutin all that stuff like he knowed sumpin’ Why I heard he was gonna shut this board down all by hisself!!!!
    Oops gotta go, the missus be ringin that ole’ dinner bell an I doan wanna be late fer my sumpin to eat……later freeks – Sheriff

  13. hilarious! Sensei and FP, you guys are busting me up!

  14. Mr. Peepers,

    Please let me in on the joke. I desperately want to laugh, oh so desperately, but I just don’t get it. If someone could just explain the Sensei-Peasant exchange to me, I would be oh so grateful. I realize that explaining a joke often ruins it and if so, I don’t want to ruin everyone else’s good time, so don’t explain it. Maybe something is lost in either the German-to-English or Country-Hick-Sheriff-to-English translation, neither of which I speak fluently though I did absorb more than I cared to when I broke down in Alabama and was put up for the night by a nice Southern farmer and his sixteen year old hot daughter, the complete works: shotgun, barn, having to share a bed with his daughter, and the father handing me a condom so that his daughter could still remain a virgin. I wish I could brag that I scored with his sixteen year old daughter and roared off into the night before the farmer got up, but like I said, the ‘ol car was done busted and, let’s face it, I don’t have those kind of balls.

  15. Okay, full disclosure. Confession is good for the soul. I have to admit, I shared a bed with the farmer, not his daughter.

  16. Okay, second full disclosure. I lied about the condom too. But that was a long time ago and I’m happily married and not the slightest bit tempted anymore.

  17. Oh who am I kidding!

  18. Well, well would you look here. I’ve been away for a while and look what is going on, the shenanigans starts all over again.

    First off let me just say that I am not this Sinclair person, I keep saying over and over that just because someone is talking about TR that does not mean it is me. I have also said repeatedly that if I have something to say you will know it’s me I am not afraid to sign it.

    Now reading what this Sinclair person said I don’t know if it is true or not, but I will tell you AGAIN that it has always been my contention that I do not give a damn what this TR person does or who he hangs with. If you knuckle heads had ever taken the time to read what I have said you would have known that. My only problem lies in the fact that he seems to call me out on a regular basis when ever someone talks about him, I have made this point very clear. On that note just so you “slices” know I did not tell anyone to say anything about him ever. It is entirely possible that someone else wants to screw with him; I have no control over that. The proof of this is in the pudding go back and look when ever someone messed with him the first thing he started doing was talking about me and my “hang ups”. Even when I gave him ample chances to just leave me out of it, he continues to not only talk shit about me, but he also began to threaten me.

    Lastly I find it interesting that his friends have said that their whole deal was to help their friend out. However it appears in this thread that they are trying to bait me into saying something against their friend….interesting.

    In closing like I have said many, many, many, many times if he doesn’t want shit from me then just leave me alone and I would leave him alone.


  19. fo’ reels?

  20. ALLLLLL Rite!!! Now thas jus what I’m
    talkin bout. Somebody finally stepped
    it up and showed up heah wit a pair
    o’ cubes an got this ole’ rodeo a bangin….Let it out fellas..ya’ll got it in ya now let em’ swing…
    Doan let that Tony kid scare ya, he’s jus a bag o’ gas…..BoomStik these hosses jus trying to bait yer pole…
    I seent it done many times jus like this back on the wide open…I didn’t stan fer it then neither so tighten yer grips an ride em like they was somebody elses…
    See ya on the other side o’ the big gulley……………..Sheriff

  21. I shot the sherrif.
    BANG! BANG! BANG!….splat splat splat
    take that ya dirty copper

  22. Yup ya got me Bob, smack dab in the MoneyMaker….oh the Humanity…Sheriff (on the real tip)

  23. boomer.get off your high horse and quit thinking that the world revolves around you.Anthony never threathens, he makes it happen.Remember that


  24. hey boomer,can you for a second put yourself in his shoes?you beat the living daylights out of him,get your buddies to tag team beaten on him how else would you expect him to feel each time somebody posts about him. As i recall, Anthony was gone until you or someone started baiting him out and now you say that you are getting baited-ooh spare me boomer.

  25. hold up,,,
    boomer,,i dont want to fight with you.i going on a limp here and gonna say i beleive you that you saidd it wasnt you that went and was sinclair.i just cant understand why its so hard for you to apologize from before like i did and you seem you cant dont that for some reson.i want ressurance that when i stay away from here that your homies dont start in on me for no dam reson-ok???i gived you all the prove that im not an idiot or dummy or nothin.i like to start my weeknd now without worry whos sayin what and why and without readin the comp when i shold be having a good time.so,,i take what you said as an apologee from you and lets end this ok??
    anthony R.

  26. Toni-There was no apology in Boomer’s post. You need to get over your hangup of dellusional paranoia. If I were you, I wouldn’t push this issue any further or else you’ll have to suffer the consequence of further beatdowns that will provide entertainment for the board and further put you in a “comp” destrucive mood. Just some food for thought…

  27. carl,,,
    you dont push it,,,i stil want him to promise not harass me again and i wont do same,,got it

  28. foget it,,
    boomer your so dam hard that you cant/wont/aint gonna apologize that the hell with it.hope you enjoy leaving in the comp world and congrats on gettin more customers into macdenalds by sucking sticks while they wait for their fries.i aint apologising and im headin out,,you alll have a good weekend and keep it reel except for mr hardas who leves in the comp world

  29. tony is as tony does.

  30. sensei is creeping me out.


  31. Heh Heh,
    I’ll kreep ya out MotherNature…
    I got yer DreemSikle hangin’ right heah….come git some ya lil’ panty wastes…………Im’ tard o’ all this belly achin’ twixt that toni fella an ole’ BoomShakALackaBoomShakALacka…I’m fixin’ ta take them two heads an pop em’ like a 2 week pimple…spew that yeller paint all over the dance floor..It’ll look like a pankake fest out there when I gets done with those coulple a’ Satay Warriors…..
    Ya’ll heard it here first from the one an only Sheriff….catch ya on the back side o’ yer own Destinys.

  32. Sensei,
    I’ll be there to mop the mess up and feedem back to em like a dawg that done threw up and ate it up again.


  33. Thanks Pardner…but no thanks…..
    I’ll take them boys to the FRONT….
    C’mon Piggies…..

  34. Smelly Fuckas aint ya………..

  35. hmmm

    hoedown at the rainbow cattle company starring KT and sensei.
    5 bucks to get in.wheres the line?

    k.c. and the sunshine band

  36. Fair enuff Sensei.If you need some brandin’ dun afterwards, gimme a holler and I’ll grabb me some Boomstick, hunker down, bend her over and put the clamps on that ass. When all is said and dun,he’ll have a nice KT/Sensei brand on that hinder.

    Thank you pardner, I’ll be watching from the corral…

  37. WHEW!!! All right…uh…ok…yup I reckon I stepped into that one all by myself…I wus jus’ talkin’ bout some good ole’ fashioned ass whuppin’ fer those 2 critters an look what its done bloomed into…. an ole timey cattle rustlin soiree’ (whatever the heck that is!!) oh well ya’ll have at it I think I be jus sittin’ this one out all by my lonesome.
    Catch ya’ll buggeers over yonder ta other side.
    Oh yeah, by the by I shore doan know bout no “Rainbow” cattle company stuff.. thats fer tonse “wacky” city boyz…out heah on the other side o’ the big gulley the sky is nuttin but pure d’ blue, Blue’er than the blue waters of ole’ Lake Louise on a sunny Sunday morning….Later Boys
    Sheriff (of ALL Sheriffs)

  38. Sensei,

    Im gonna bust that boomer’s rear end wide open fer ya…jus make sure you leave sum for me. I likes my dessert after dinner!


  39. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hold on there Hoss……….
    I doan’ know what kind o’ wranglin’
    ya’ll do round’ these parts but I don’t needs no rear ends open fer me……Sounds like ya’ll got plans to shove yer Pink Pommels inna nooks an crannies meant only
    fer Brown Bombers!!!
    I ain’t no Butt Crack Bombardier!!
    I’ll tell ya what…………..Why I thinks I done got my self mixed up on the wrong side o’ the Big Gulley…I think I best be moseying
    on out o’ here and set a spell and ponder my next move…wheres that BoomTown Kid at lately…I needs to set it straight once an fer all cause that Toni Rutabega or what ever he’s callin hisself these days keeps sayin’ BoomerSan ain’t doodly and that ain’t right……
    Later girls,

  40. Sherrif, I means getting that hinder ready fer a branding not what yous thinking of the other kind of game that is played with sheep on them long stock drives.Where is that Boober feller? I’m wondering if that hombre rutledge may have scareed the weasel off the range.


  41. their goes the crazy talk again,,,
    i aint cared of nothin,since boomer isnt writin,then i can now stop reeding this cuz at least he aint causing no trouble and i apreciate that.sesei and km are talking crazy and its nothing about me accept my name keeps getting used so stop that got it.

  42. Well looky here we gots 3 desperados workin this here range. As I recall, Me and Sensei have rights to this drive and there aint no need for a third amigo KM. Unless yous been called on by Sensei I suggest you saddle up and find another range for employment.


  43. Hey ya, Anon.,
    Thanks fer catchin’ my 6 – That there fella KM – thinks He/She/It
    is foolin anybody…not this ole’
    peacemaker…….think about it fer a spell…BoomBastic is mum these days but ole’ KM is a flappin’ to the beejeebers…..
    I’ll wager theys one in ths same may haps????? Tryin’ ta string everbody along like they was daft..
    Now I ain’t sayin thas the trut, I’m just sayin’…well you know…
    gotta git………S.
    oh yeah KM an Toni ain’t even foolin a dum ole’ fencepost!!!

  44. boomer,,,
    is this all a set up to get me again???,,,wtf i asked and asked you milions times to leave me alone and what the hell?,,can you please do me a flavor qand just agree not to say any bout me or use my name,,i dont care anymore if you say sorry or not i wont ask you nothing no more if you can just stop your homies from talkin crazy bout stuff im not gettin ok. thaanks

  45. thats cool,,,
    boomer,,keep playin games,,you quiet and think im getting mad cuz you got homies frontin for you and if you cant front without backkin up shit then i proved that im beter then you cuz i aint doin this again and agin and as a matter of facts,i gots my biz,tables and way more fiends then you have and i dont need this.i dont even know you and why do i care what you say or do anymire.have a good life and play be yourself

  46. ?????wtf??????

    did we get magically transported to the O.K. corral? where’s my 6 shooter.
    ol’ sherrif is gonna end up on boot hill yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaw

  47. boomhead gots hisself run out of town.Good work sheriff.Now we needs to find the other scoundrel by the name of rutledge

  48. Toni Ruthledge, I had a talk with boomer and he told me that he was sorry for all the grief he has caused you. He’s out of town but I know he feels bad and admitted to being a little jealous of your business and table mix’in. The biggest jab was the fact that you have met so many famous people. Boomer is on vacation, but would you like to accept his apology and carry on with your life? I will relay the message to him if you would like.


  49. quack quack !

  50. Wow looks like the meth clinic let its freaks out. I mean I understand to a certain degree about sensei’s crazy thought. You see he lost his dream job/biz many years ago and was forced to move out to the country where he could take advantage of sheep. You remember that great job you had right? The little dojo you owned in Socal. Remember how you used to go on and on about the young, sweaty teenagers you would get in gripping judo holds so they would be all yours. Well anyways I’ll just fill in the rest of the slices so they know your full story.

    Many years ago sensei had a dojo where he would take advantage of all the boys who worked out there. He called his “students” Kobra Cai and they all loved it. Well his boys were getting pretty good at martial arts and were winning some contests. So they began to pick on other people, mainly because they were upset about their sensei imposing his sexuality on to them. Anyway they picked on the wrong guy his name was Daniel. Now Daniel didn’t know squat about martial arts so he began to study under a wise little man called Mr. Miyagi.

    Daniel or Daniel san as Mr. Miyagi calls him, studied hard under Miyagi’s strange teaching methods. Soon it became clear to Daniel san that not only was he learning martial arts, but was also getting a profound understanding what it meant to live a righteous life. After months of studying Daniel san was ready to enter a contest against other combatants including the dreaded Kobra Cai.

    The contest began slowly for Daniel san while the Kobra Cai was dominating. This would soon change as Daniel san became more confident in his abilities. Now all Daniel san had to do was win two more matches and he would be champion. The first match was against one of the Kobra Cai thugs that sensei sent out to cheat and purposely hurt Daniel san. The reason sensei did this was so his favorite boy toy, a young thin blonde teen, could easily win the next match against Daniel san that is if Daniel san could continue to walk. After a cheap shot kick to the calf the Kobra Cai thug was disqualified and Daniel san could barely walk. Thanks to Miyagi’s magic healing hands Daniel san was able to continue. Needless to say Daniel san easily won the next match with a single crane kick to boy toys chops.

    Outside after the match sensei tried his luck against Miyagi. However with barely having to raise a finger Miyagi was able to dispose of sensei taking his manhood from him in the process. Now all of sensei’s students abandon his dojo and his humiliated.

    That’s why he now “herds” sheep now.

  51. As crazy as it sounds Boomer, I think we may be able to make a script out of your post. Call me. I have some ideas. I’m thinking Jamie Foxx for the role of Mr. Miyagi.

  52. AHHHHH….BoomerSan…….
    The Cut an’ Paste Kid…….
    Is that the bes ya’ll Pokers kin do?????
    Why I seen better posts on a fence!
    Toni Toni Tone tole me bout ya…
    an I kin see what she was gettin at, DoJo this..Miyagi that…..GAWD what Drivel…. But thas OK ya’ll only have ta be that way a little while longer, if ya catch my drift, an I think you do!
    Remember – Its not the SenSei that’ll get ya, its the Sheriff!!

  53. Sheriff,
    I can’t wait to lasso boomer’s ankles from under him. Falls so dam hard he’ll plum piss on hisself when he hits the ground

    KT (The Outdoorsman)

  54. Now Now There KT, Rein em’ in there a bit….Hole up there on ole’ Moober…He caint hep hisself.
    Its that Toni Rutlige Bull you might wanna lasso in….That ole’ hoss got me worried some…. why jus ta other day I heard ole’ Tone looked in the mirror and only saw a shadow of her former self……
    That’ll shiver any miners timbers.
    Sheriff (Steppin’)

  55. i cant wait to sic on sherrif sensei’s nuts and neuter him. then im gonna dump all over kt’s lawn.and pee on his newspaper. and hump his leg.i’m giving these two cow pies rabies! arf! arf! arf!arf!arf!


    Deputy Dawg

  56. Be kinda hard ta do, Son, kinda hard ta do…….Yup.. Ya’ll oughta go on back ta bein’ a pup, sure you….

  57. now now sensay – sheriff

    even a tired, out to pasture,bowlegged cowpoke like you, knows, that it is a biological impossibility for me to revert back to a pup. time to hang upyour tarnished badge and derringer. why not sit back and relax and enjoy a nice steaming plate of rocky mountain oysters. yumm yumm yumm
    kt will supply the special sauce.


    Deputy Dawg

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