Waiting For The Axe

After the shock started to fade from Supergeek’s bad news I called up Autumn and told her what was going on. Initially I began to stress out but when I thought about my situation things didn’t seem so bad. Especially when I compared where I’m at with most of my coworkers problems. Unlike many of them I don’t have any debt. I don’t have car payments to make or a mortgage on a home. I don’t have a wife or kids to take care of. Because of my age I’m young enough that if I do get bounced out of here I can easily start over at another company and hopefully retire from there. With all the years of senority I have backing me up I will more than likely fare well enough unlike people who were hired in the past two years. Many of them will be hit by the axe, I’m sure of it.

That’s the frustrating thing about this. When I was hired back in to Bill and Dave’s in 1996 I felt like I had done well for myself. Getting a job with this company meant something then. When you scored a job here, you pretty much knew you’d be set until it was time to retire. Sadly thanks to the incompetence of our corporate leadership that is no longer the case. If Bill and Dave were still here and in charge of the company I firmly believe we wouldn’t be in this dire business situation. Those guys knew how to run their company properly unlike the joke of a CEO we have currently.

People are freaking out. It’s understandable. We live in one of the most expensive parts of the country. Losing a job like this when you have considerable financial obligations is rough. The worst part for the time being is not knowing if you will survive the layoffs or go, and not knowing when to expect the axe. Management hasn’t said anything about timeframe or if there will be any kind of a severance package. I expect that information will be announced soon enough but the waiting without knowing what will happen is going to be real harsh on some employees. Things are gonna get even weirder around here in coming weeks and months.


~ by factorypeasant on July 12, 2006.

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