Suddenly and without warning (as usual) management dumped three new bodies into the fray back here. I haven’t complained to my boss directly about what a useless piece of shit Greasy Guy is, but I kinda get the feeling the reason why they are finally giving us some more man power in the environmental lab is because management is quietly conceding defeat. Maybe they are waking up to the fact that Greasy Guy isn’t as wonderful a worker as they believed him to be. I mean, fuck. I can’t hold down the fort all by myself and expect to meet deadlines while Greasy Guy is off chasing tail in the engineering department or looking at online personal ads all day long. That crap has been going on for months.

I’d like to hit Greasy Guy upside his bald head with a torque wrench. Really I would.

So the new people we have assigned to us are: a bloodshot bug-eyed ex US Army special forces electronic warfare technician, a four foot nothing female technician that is in such bad health she shouldn’t be here doing this kind of work, and a loopy Mexican guy. Both the ex-Army guy and the Mexican hombre are currently enrolled in the ETAP program which I have mentioned before, but in case you missed it ETAP stands for Electronic Technician Apprenticeship Program. It used to be a sweet deal to be in that gig however nobody in management supports it anymore and those poor bastards end up being glorified testers. Nothing more.

I like the ex-Army guy. I’ve been yapping with him a bunch since he showed up. Funny fucker he is. I have started calling him Mr. McConvict. I’ll explain why later.


~ by factorypeasant on June 30, 2006.

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