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My sense of humor is rather warped. The people I have to work with here pretty much all know this by now, however I do take pleasure in pushing things further from time to time. Usually at least once a week I like to wear a politically incorrect shirt to sort of rattle the cages, so to speak. When I first started wearing offensive shirts to work I was actually a tad bit nervous someone would complain to a manager and I’d get hauled off the shop floor to a conference room for a good talking-to. Funny thing is, it’s never happened. In fact much to my surprise most employees don’t even notice what’s written across my chest when I’m standing right in front of them. Goes to prove that most people are asleep at the wheel and just aren’t paying attention.

There’s a really messed up shirt company called Bounty Hunter. I like their stuff. From their demented series I purchased “I Love A Parade” and “Revenge Is Easy.” Nobody, and I mean nobody at work has said a damn thing about that M4 carbine shirt. That really surprised me. I figured at least one dingbat housewife would freak out and fink on me. Once in a while a random employee in a hallway will stop, look at the sniper peeking over the edge of that building and say to me in a normal tone, “I really like parades too. They’re super.” At first I thought people were just fucking with me but then I realized they were being serious. Now when I get a response like that I usually tell them in a retarded voice, “I rEaLLy LIkE cL0wNs t00. HURRRRR HURR HURRRR.” And then I walk away.


Across the hallway from our department there’s a group called Sub-Assembly. Their job is to supply our various instrument lines with pre-built front panels, micro circuit decks, rear panels, etc. On occasion I have to walk over there to their group to return damaged assemblies or run down a problem or other. I didn’t know it, but their supervisor is one of those weirdo cat ladies. You know, the kind of person that lives alone with like fifty feral cats and all the filth that goes along with them. I made this shocking discovery by wearing a shirt with a cartoon of a rotten kid about to run over a cat with a push mower. Walking over to their supervisor’s desk to ask a question she read the caption on my T-shirt and proceeded to completely flip the fuck out. It was fun. She shrieked at me “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE CATS!” I told her that I just simply LOVE kitty cats to DEATH. That woman hasn’t spoken a word to me since. Heh.

As they say there’s two things you don’t talk about at work. One is politics, the other is religion. While I’m not the most politically active person in the world, I am particularly anti-Bible thumper. My parents forced my sister and I into private Christian schools when we were young and it was a truly terrible time in my life. Deplorable people. For years we had to put up with mentally ill hypocrites that couldn’t follow the most basic teachings of the religion they professed to believe in. It was a unfulfilling, oppressive experience. I did become a fairly adept Bible scholar though, and to this day I love beating beady eyed Christians over the head with scripture because the honest truth is the overwhelming majority of them don’t know a damn thing about the book. Anyway, I have a Jesus shirt that pretty much sums up how I feel about Christianity these days.


Interestingly some people look at the shirt and give me a thumbs-up. Smiling, they’ll say, “Gee it’s great to see a young man such as yourself walking with The Lord.” Hey, read the fine print there chumps!


~ by factorypeasant on June 7, 2006.

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  1. “…walking with The Lord.” That’s hilarious.

  2. these shirts are teh ungay…
    unlike tony r.

    eat shit tony

  3. aight,

    what do you went boomer??,,matlock??no its si foot cuz i can tell by the way you right and cuz my boy told me it was probable you.why do you keep f’in with me?my boys told me to not say nothin but i aint hiddin from nobody or nothin.whoever is puttin you up to this you need to quit cuz i didnt say or start anything,,,ever since boomer agred to stay quite.i got way to much shet goin on to worry bout you and just want you and boomer to know i aint gonna be sittin here and not call you outwhen you front.
    did i say anything wheni hooked up with the amazing kreskin?no. or the incomparable scribben?no i am way to busy hookin up with REEL people unlike you AND cuz i knowthat would set boomer of so if he is tellin you or your just doin it cuz you aint got a life let it go cuz i aint stupin to you guys’ level comprehenda?

  4. h0ly priceless comment from tony
    r.!!! i do believe that we have george dubya’s speech writer posting comments on this blog folks…

    wipe the sperm off your fingers before you post boi! see every1 i told ya i use stupidity as bait for this numbskull… werks everytime bwuahahahahaha.
    so, as a prize for coming back
    t.r., you get your choice of hot beef injectionenema OR man pipe in teh throat… ladies choice.
    my new tactic will probably be to rewrite this gibberish that tony posts so that normal folks can
    understand what the fuck he is trying to say hahaha i’ll start now with a partial translation:


    what do you want boomer? matlock?
    no, its s1 foot because i can tell by the way you write and because
    my boi told me it was probably you.
    why do you keep fucking with me?
    my boiz told me not to say anything
    but i am not hiding from nobody or nothing. whoever is putting you up to this needs to quit_because i didnt say or start anything…

    OMG this shit is fucking tiring
    get a secretary big man!
    i’d h8 to have a verbal conversation with this guy i’d go nutz… anyway enuff ranting.

    peace out tony,

    i want to have you cater one of my parties. and as the centerpiece, i want you naked face down ass up with a whole eggplant in your ass and a baseball bat down your gullet bwuahahahaha

    tr0||in9 pwn$

  5. nice. i laffed like a muthafucka.

    things mite be a little slow around here over the next couple of weeks, more travelling planned and i have two other online projects taking up more time now. you guys try not to burn the house down in here while i’m away okay? burn each other instead. i’m counting on you…

  6. s1 foot or matlock???,
    dont matter which one of you boomer kissasses you are,,so you still cant tell me whats your prob you have against me.all you can do is write crazy and say the same stuf over and must be jelosy,and or that i have my OWN sucsessful biz.why else would you be fukin with me for no dam reson?at least boomers hangup was easy to understand-( cuz of the people i know and roll with.even he got over his hangup and agrred to becamequiet after he reelized that he got tired of tryin to front without backup.i respected that and did not write back either.
    so keep writinng your ununderstandable junk while i make some collections for my biz and get ready to hookup with les stakawicz.

    exposing s1 foots since ’06

  7. Look dick I have not said a word to you. So you better just leave my name out of it. I have no hang up your just a tard and I understand that so just leave my name out of it and your computer equipment will stay intact.
    Just so there is no more misunderstanding just never use my name again. If you want to brawl with anon have at it, but leave my name out….ok

    Last chance

  8. what are you so woried about,,,
    i didnt say nothing about you or call you names or nothing.i was just telin your friend about how we stoped wrtin thats all.
    it kills me how you are now complaning about me using youre name when thats how we got into the fist time when you started using my name when i asked you to stop using my name but you like how that feels?
    you caled me 2 names that i am goin to not say nothin about,,,


  9. Tony it’s to hard for me to decipher what your are talking about. That’s why I don’t want you using my name, it seems to me you are trying to bust my balls. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and did not start shit with you. Now all I want is you not to use my name at all because I don’t know what you are getting at. So in order for the shit not to start again just don’t mention my name at all..understand now?

    Don’t push it!

  10. hahahah

    tony r gives child molesters a bad

    wheres your overcoat tony???


  11. bommer,
    all i can say is that i proved my point about you when you got peeved about me using your you know,,,it sucks dont it when you ask someone and they dont listen.i aint bustin anyones balls

    dont push me either.

  12. Tony you are a stupid bitch! I wasn’t “peeved” about you using my name I just said stop using it because I don’t know what you are getting at. Meaning I’m not sure if you are trying to start it again or what? If you are then fine let’s have at it and you soon will have no computer gear and your buddy will never get any sleep. If not then just don’t use my name.

    Holding tonys hand again throug this rough language.

  13. hey dum dum
    i used your name to prove a poit about s1 foot consistence bs directed to me,,,how hard is that to understand???you called me names ever since you started writin again when I DIDNT even talk to you,,,no whose stupid???

    under boomers yeerbook pic reads
    ‘hello world,can i take your order’

  14. Thanks my bitch.

    Tony I again must be “hartful” and “dabiliting”.

  15. one more thing,,,

    bella rena girl,

    i dont start anything with you,your the one that caled me names,your the one that didnt stop when i asked you to stop using my nameand now your lipid about me usin your mane just to prove a point,i aint lettin you get to my skin like last time so keep your promise AND LEAV ME ALONE.

  16. Thanks my bitch.

    Tony is this “vichous” enough for you?

  17. wtf,,,
    why areyou after me agan???
    everyboddy look at boomer and how he startedin on me,doesnt keep promises or shit,
    dont write bnack,im freekin outta for the night with my frends who ARE REAL and not hang ion the computer like bellarena girl
    fuk this shit

  18. Thanks my bitch

    Tony “my so freeking pised”

  19. Tony,

    You bastard! I now owe Bill five bucks. I bet Bill that you wouldn’t rise to shitfoot’s bait. Shitfoot, congratulations. I didn’t think Tony would go for it, especially after you explained exactly what you were doing. Maybe Bill will be appreciative and split the loot with you. I can only hope that this new brawl costs you at least five bucks in destroyed computer equipment.

    Vernon D.

  20. i see whats goin on,you all are planin it like that,,,just to get me.i knew this would happen bomer you pos!!!!!you set me up big time i FREEKIN SICK OF ALL YOU
    hope your fukin haapy,cuzim not and im outta here with MY boys cruisn in MY ride with MY shit AFTER gettin notes counted and deposited and shit,,,
    im out LEEVE ME ALONE

  21. Thanks my bitch.

    Tony likes to be beat.

  22. Tony, did you forget the keys to your Hummer? For a rich guy with so many “REEL” friends and no time to write back, you sure seem to find a lot of time to write back. With so many C-notes to deposit in the bank, surely you can spare five bucks to pay off my bet with Bill.

    Vernon D.
    Overestimating Tony’s intelligence since May 2006

  23. You idiot Vernon! You scared him off. It was just getting good.

    benny blanco from the bronx
    embarassed about being from the same borough as Tony Rutledge since May 2006

  24. A simple request:


    Can you bear with me and try to understand the scenario that I am about to describe to you. This simple request calls for you to fix yourself a cup of chai tea and really really try your darndest to put your bravado on idle for just a short while, I promise ok?
    I awaken to the sound of my phone-around 2 AM. It’s Anthony and he is distraught. I can bearly understand him because of the loud background music and the fact he is talking so fast,however, I recieved enough information to figure out what happened and about about what he did to his PC.
    Sparring any further details, I just finished putting his PC back together and his connection to the internet is “broken”. I have disabled him from having access to the WWW because of the ambush (which you apparently were the architect of).

    I have told you in the past about his condition and I was hoping you would have enough intuition to figure out that you are not dealing with a full deck. I should have spelled it out for you and made myself clear.

    He hangs with alot of high profile people and image means alot to him. Does he embellish his connections, yes sometimes he does. All in all he is a good guy who has alot of connections and would give the shirt off his back to help. He has overcome quite a bit with his conditions and events he had to experience. I just don’t want him to drift back into the bottle after all that he has overcome.

    In honesty, I have not read in detail the exchanges that occured, however, I did read enough to find you calling him names and your extensive use of high level vocabulary words. How about if we all try to be champions and move on. Would you be willing to lead that effort by not instigating, orchestrating, or perpetuating any “ganging up” on him if he happens to read this blog? I have and will discourage him from coming on here because he becomes a wreck afterwards and quite frankly I am sick and tired of dealing with it in terms of late night phone calls and playing pyschologist.

    So what do you say, winner, can you let it go?

    Thanks for your time,


  25. Skeez,

    I realize that you’re talking to Boomer, but since you’re also basically talking to all of us, I’ll respond too. I haven’t posted yet in this latest round. If Tony truly is in fact handicapped psychologically and/or physically and this is truly causing him pain, I for one am willing to hold back, as I did for at least a while when you first mentioned that he had recently been diagnosed with a serious illness. I had a few zingers lined up if needed but decided not to use them due to his problems. However after laying out what seem like the legitimate concerns of a friend of someone who has some problems, you seem to feel the need to throw gasoline on a fire that you are supposedly trying to put out. You can’t have it both ways. Which is it? Are you truly Tony’s friend or do you secretly get a kick out of watching Tony get his ass kicked in all of these online brawls? If you don’t understand what I mean by throwing gas on the fire, I am talking about sarcastically calling Boomer a “winner” at the end of your last post, which you’ve done before too.

    Which is it?


  26. Well said Bill!

    I detect a flavor of arrogance in your posts and as much as I want to help you out,I’m finding it difficult to get past your condescending tone.
    Your “challenged” friend called me a kiss ass.I have not posted anything disrespectful and yet your friend used my name in that context.I say he got what he deserved by acting stupid regardless of his handicap.Just because of his “disability” does not give him the right to came on and act like a jerk.
    And speaking of becoming a champion,I already am a champion ever since I got a week of detention back in grade school for stuffing a short bus player in the trash can.

  27. Yeah it’s all my fault, sure what ever you say. I can not control what other people do on the internet and Tony seemed to have a problem with someone calling him out. From the sound of it both he and you knew or think you knew who it was making those comments. However not once, but twice he felt compelled to use my name. At first I let it go because I wasn’t sure what he was getting at. Then he did it again this time I know he was busting my balls talking about all these hang ups I have. Which I must tell the both of you guys again because you can’t get it through your fat heads, I do not care in the slightest who he may or may not “hang” with. Sure I called him a dick and a tard, but the dude could have gotten his point across with out busting on me. I was trying to show him what was happening, but he just didn’t care what I thought. He was going to do what ever he wanted.

    Which gets me to my second point. I feel one of two things is going on here:

    1) There is no Tony or Skeez seperately it’s all been one elaborate stupid joke.

    2) Or There is a Tony and Skeez, but Skeez is an enabler. Meaning instead of saying something like “Hey Tony if you didn’t have such an abrasive personality then maybe this would not happen” instead you are giving him the idea he can say and do whatever he wants and everyone else should just accpet that because he has a disability.

    What ever else is going, on there is still the question of you being a prick both this time and the last time. I was more than amiable to your needs however you felt then and still feel the need now to be a condescending jerk. Which is strange seeing how you are asking me if I can take it easy on your friend. I agreed to do so last time with my own stipulation of being left alone.

    So in short my stance on the situation remains the same as it always has been. I am left alone and I will leave him alone. Even if he does find his way back here and does make comments I will not say a word to him as long as he reciprocates. If he does not then……..


  28. hmmmm…

    sounds like a challenge to me heehee… any1 else agree? i wager that i can “nudge” tony with the right bait to drop on by once more.

    thank you for the kind comment vernon d. and congrats to bill
    spend it wisely lol…

    i hear FOX has a new ‘reality’ show called “they all against me!”
    Danny Bonaducci as Daddy
    John Wayne Bobbit as skeez-h0
    Burt Reynolds as Dr. Fist
    $h|t_f00t as unkie felcher
    and tony rutledge as the beaver.

    Episode 1:
    In addition to arguing with ALL the other voices in his head,beaver
    takes on the added challenge of mouthing off on other folks’ blogs.
    He cant handle the heat, yet he does NOT want to leave the fire.

    He cant take his frustrations out
    on his penis because he has become so enraged, he now cannot have an erection.He ends up feeling like a loser after every fiasco. Unfortunately for his p.c., this poor,innocent, inanimate object bears the brunt of many beatings.

    Suddenly one of the voices in his noggin tells him to seek the advice of Dr. Fist. The dr. orders an hourly regimen of saline enemas
    and a lifetime Rx supply of thorazine.

    Daddy, tired of this shit too, hops into the beav’s closet and sodomizes beav’s transvestite gurlfriend.

    Skeez-h0 tries to defend tony and fails miserably. He ends up developing a taste for young boiz.

    “what about unkie felcher?”, you ask.
    well, well, well, he decides to
    cast out the demons out of beavs
    head by applying the dreaded chokehold and taking beavs tempature anally with his stiff, throbbing, veiny meat thermometer.

    the moral of this story is…
    beware unkie felcher! NOW say my name bish

  29. Can’t wait for the second episode. However I don’t think you’re going to get the chance shitfoot. I do believe Tony is gone for good. I actually think that Boomer is on to something as far as the Tony/Skeez connection, but it’s neither of his two theories but actually a synthesis of the two.

    I believe that Tony and Skeez are the same person, but two separate personalities. That is, Tony, in addition to his other maladies, suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. There was a really good movie with Ed Norton and Richard Gere where Edward Norton gets molested by, you guessed it, his priest. Traumatized by this experience and unable to cope, he decides on revenge, but is unable o handle the stress of murder. Enter Personality Number 2, a really aggressive, violent guy who kills his priest. Whenever the docile Edward Norton character got too stressed out, the real dickhead personality came out to handle things for him. Thus whenever Richard Gere, Norton’s lawyer, asked too personal of a question of the docile Edward Norton, the asshole Edward Norton personality comes out and pushes Richard Gere around, basically being a complete dick for no real reason.

    Applying the analogy to our good friends Tony and Skeez, Tony is the wimpy Edward Norton character and Skeez, well Skeez naturally is the complete dickhead aggressive personality that purportedly comes to Tony’s rescue whenever shitfoot sodomizes Tony over the DSL line and Tony goes into whatever downward spiral he goes into when under stress, which we’ve all seen.

    It’s a logical extension over the ages. First society thought that somehow demons were responsible when a normally stable person went apeshit. Then witches. In the 1800’s when the sleepy townspeople awoke to find disembowelled prostitutes scattered about, posses were formed and the hills were scoured for werewolves or the nearest black guy. In the 1950’s, all the cool sci-fi Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde transformations were due to some nuclear experiment gone horribly wrong. Now in 2006, the next stage. The well-established phenomenon of multiple-personality disorder triggered by sex abuse manifests itself not from an actual rape but a figuritive one, basically Tony getting his ass handed to him every time he shows his face around here. Skeez shows up to intimidate and scare everyone off a la the Incredible Hulk, the difference being that unlike the Incredible Hulk, Skeez is made fun of just like Tony is.

    Just a theory.

    benny blanco from the bronx

  30. wow

    first time here.
    interesting stories
    and some wacked out comment wars.
    glad i showed up.



  31. Dave,

    Glad to know you’re still alive. I’m not dead either.


  32. hey,,

    skeez told me to say sory to you all for my behavor when me and boomer werebattlin so sorry.he also told me to not read the massages hear and not get all worked up and shit.i want to thank boomer for keepin his word for stayin away from here and not writin on here anymore.its all good and i except apologies for anything bad that was said to me(i dont know bout s1 or shoe or other anons) skeez made me romise to stay cool and thats what im gonna do

  33. Okay. I accept your apology and accept the truce offer. Assuming both you and Skeez have been sincere about the stress this has caused you, I am sorry for my role in that.

    I think it is a mistake to specifically exclude certain people from your apology however. It sends somewhat of a mixed message that you in fact want to keep the war going or at least want to have the last word. I understand that you may be angrier at some people than others, but I think it’s an impulse that needs to be resisted if you truly want them to stop too.

    However, I choose to believe that your peace gesture is sincere and I wish you the best of luck.

    Vernon D.

  34. I guess I accept too, but I don’t remember saying that I would stay away from here and not write anymore. I will always be here and always write when I feel the impulse. I will not specifically call anyone out (I never have) but I will not stay silent when I am attacked or if there is a troll here. Not saying you are a troll dude just talking in general. So just be cool and all is good.

    Oh and one last thing I do not appologize for anything I said I feel I was just.


  35. thanks vern,,,lemme ask you this,,do you see what i mean??i came out and said sorry and boomer doesnt feel he needs to apologise to me.he dont feel the need to apologise for callin me names,he too big and hard to apologise after i did.
    why dont you feel you dont need to apolise,,,you feel just what???im glad you came of like that so everyon here can see what your about.and that aint much homes,trust me

  36. another thing,,
    why couldnt’ boomer not say that he cant apolise,,,he shouldnt said anything but he to big to say sorry like i did.why did he have to write that???everyone now knows that i dont start shit and im gettin freekin teed of that this ashole thinks hes above me,

  37. Just as in justified..get it. Dude just let it go ok just let it go..

    I didn’t call toni a name yet he feels the need to call me an “ashole”

  38. why you gotta keep steering the pot you POS!!i aint responding to you,and im gonna do what skeez said and he right,,dont talk to people that are notall right in the head,got it boomer,you got serios things that need to be examined in your head,,you still a asshole,and i take back my aopology from you and give to EVERYON even s1 and everyone else besides you POS

  39. So you dont talk to yourself?

    Tony so “lipid”

  40. i told ya’ B B from the B! šŸ™‚

    you cant keep a good man down,
    or in tony’s case, you cant keep
    him from going down on all the men
    in a leather bar. (swallows t00)

    damn, i was all ready to throw in
    the towel and make nice…
    but then, tony shoots himself in the foot and ruins it for every1.
    that gives me free reign to molest
    tony.feh. jeez mang, take your meds, or have a tall frosty brew
    or smoke the peace pipe… just
    chill out…

    By the way, you did not prove to me that you are disabled in some way. that means i have to be 5% meaner. enjoy the future reaming
    you 13 owner of a hot-dog cart.

    unkie felcher.

    oh, and about last night, best raw
    dog action ever. you even remembered to pull your ankles behind you ears. g00d boi.

  41. wow i can’t believe it. not only did this dickhead find his way back here, but he is still being an incredible asshole. good job tony only someone of your low intelligence level could be this much of a jerk.

  42. boomer,,,
    no…do you???
    thanks for askin screech

  43. That’s what does not make this very much fun, you have to explain everything to this knuckle head.

    Life is kickin’ tonis ass in the “reel” world I do in the “comp” world.

  44. well boom,,,
    you got me.i fallen again into these trapps you set and now everythin is my falt.i cant take this abuse anymore and sorry to everyone for makin you mad,,,im out for good this time like skeez said,,he right and i dont listen now it hapened again when all i did want was to say sorry.
    sorry everybody,you to boomer,,,

  45. holy crap!
    does this saga end?
    will the faggotry really be over?
    does that apology satisfy all?
    will tony ever satisfy unkie felcher again?

    damn it was fun!
    i didnt think it would end this way.i wanted it to be like that old 70’s disco song …”more,more,more”

    i already feel depressed AND lonely. i guess
    it is time to start swigging off
    the wild turkey bottle.

    on the other hand… place your bets everyone!!!!!!!



  46. Anthony,

    I told you that I would post on this board for all to read if you called me about anything related to this message board. How many times do I have to tell you that you are in their house and you ain’t nobody to them.

    Call me again and I will post more information about you then you would care to share with these slices. Understand? DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN! Am I clear? I am through playing your mop up man for every front you get yourself into. Especially this one.


  47. well well well,

    skeez-hoe decides to show up and
    dis’ his boi tony…again. wtf with that?
    being his friend and all, wouldn’t you think that he would try to make
    nice for him. i mean a warning like that,”Call me again and I will post more information about you then you would care to share with these slices.”
    what about poor tony? skeez-hoe
    said something earlier that tony was not playin’ with a full deck.
    does that mean you gotta beat him down too?
    fuckin’ A, wanna tangle with me?
    i can EASILY wipe that bullseye
    off the back of tony’s head, and paste it on your nuts skeez-hoe.
    try me, i got ol’ trouser_trout
    waiting for fresh boi-meat.

    dont get any ideas tho toni, i still wanna hear somebody talk shit about gives me w00d.


    y0 skeez, meet me tonite at your
    glory hole. on your knees as usual
    and yes, i do expect a “hummer”

  48. I find this particular beatdown style by shitfoot quite interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it before. Usually when a guy is trying to humiliate someone, he brags about sleeping with the other guy’s wife or mom. I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen a guy brag about screwing the other guy himself. Amazingly it seems to have worked and neither Tony nor Skeez has thought to make the obvious comeback (gay??) I recall exactly one comment where someone (might have been Boomer) talked about being with Tony’s mom the night before. Instead of responding with an equally degrading comment regarding Boomer’s mom, Tony made some comment about “V-town” and that Tony’s mom couldn’t have been with Boomer the night before because she was with her pimp. That was the first time I’d ever seen someone in a beatdown contest outdo the first guy’s insult by making a more insulting comment about his OWN mom. Tony you simply have no chance of winning this war if you continue to miss these opportunities. Not only are you vastly outnumbered and your one ally has turned on you, you can’t even win in a one-on-one beatdown match. To even this out, please accept some free-of-charge beatdown strategy advice and accuse shitfoot of being gay. It probably won’t work, but then again nothing else you’ve tried has worked either. Go for it!

  49. Boy do I feel like a jackass. What is it about me that makes me take people at their word? Was it a sincere apology, then you changed your mind? Was it all a big setup to goad Boomer out again? The whole months-long routine is so bizarre that it’s getting hard to concentrate. It hasn’t progressed to the point where I’m destroying my own computer equipment or anything but I do find it hard to get this all out of my mind. I’ve got a big project due soon and I keep visiting the comments section here instead of working.

    Vernon D.

    P.S. Since you allowed yourself to rescind apologies, let me return the favor. I hereby revoke my earlier apology to you and declare the truce (how long did it last? 2 hours?) over. Let me add that I apologized more to make you feel better than out of a sense that I had really wronged you. I also felt a little bad about battling someone who isn’t playing with a full deck, as I guessed but Skeez verified, even if the guy who is playing without a full deck started the whole thing, which you undoubtedly did.

  50. A final comment…

    I know your reading these messages Anthony. I can not be at your beckoning call to fix your problems. Boomer was the third slice in the past few weeks that called me an enabler. That means being a person that supports your behavior. You have a low self esteem compounded by your compulsive obsession with the way everyone looks at you.

    I hate to admit this but I was a fool for not realizing that I was promoting your behavior. I hope that by my airing out your dirty laundry for all to read that you will deal with your problem and finally stop relying on me.

    I have never understand why a person would break his computer, kick the side of his car, and ask all of his homies to help write comments for you so you can be a bigshot in front of people you dont know. Since I moved Anthony, I have been alot happier and your still a friend but I need a break and if you understand great, if not too bad. Think I am being hard, talk to Thrilla, C-ment. Why do you think they hang with you? You got the leased wheels and you drive them around! You understand now? You got to stop trying to act like the people you meet because you look like a fool and at the same time make me look like a fool as well. As soon as you stop reading the message board and start being yourself, you will become a happier person. I told you this so many times and I hope by writing it out again for everyone to read that it will finally sink in.



  51. y0, sk33z-hoe and tony r.

    thanx 4 meeting me at the gay pride parade. you 2 both take it like the men i know you are!!!! great pix too!

    unkie felcher

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