I’ve been playing Urban Terror on Public Servers for a while. Dave got me hooked on this stuff, it’s like smoking Quake 3 crack rocks. Since we’re going to be brawling competitively online soon I decided to hang out on a public server known for attracting a crowd of skilled players. The server is called VK14 and there’s a bunch of lethal motherfuckers on there most of the time. The only way to improve is to play against people that are better than you are. And, the only game they play there is Team Survivor. Normally I like the team play aspects of Capture The Flag but Team Survivor requires more ability in order to stay alive long enough to win.

In Team Survivor there are two teams that have one simple goal: eliminate everyone on the other team before the clock runs out. You only have one life to live so as soon as you get popped you have to sit out the duration of the match. It ain’t easy. For me it’s sort of like playing 9 ball on a billiards table instead of shooting straight pool. Just like in 9 ball you have to make every shot count. One of the levels in heavy rotation on VK14 is called Revolution. It’s a themed map built around a secret underground US Air Force ICBM silo. I really dig the atmosphere and heavy amount of realistic detail the Urban Terror Development team has been able to pack into this game. Truly impressive.

~ by factorypeasant on June 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “VK14”

  1. my UMP45 pwnz j00. teh unl0se!

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