Mysterious Grease


Lately I’ve noticed every observation window on each of the environmental chambers has been completely fouled up by some kind of weird greasy gray colored filmy funk. It’s become so thick on the glass that it’s very difficult if not impossible to see anything inside a chamber, even with the chamber’s internal lights turned on which happen to be quite bright. I grabbed a straight edged razor blade and dragged it across the glass of one chamber’s window. A lump of greasy slime collected along the razor’s edge. Nasty.

Throughout my shift at night I’m constantly peeking through those chamber windows to check on instruments and verify cable hookups. Or I am making sure sensor connections have been made properly. With that unknown greasy crap covering the plate glass on all our chambers It’s been annoying trying to see anything. One night about three weeks ago I grabbed a spray bottle of Lab Clean and a full box of those blue colored paper Shop Towels. Like a madman I drenched all the observation windows with Lab Clean and scrubbed the shit out of them until they were spotless. Much better. Turning any chamber light on after that I could see clearly inside for a change.

Not more than two or three days later the mysterious greasy substance was back with a vengeance. Walking through both the E-Lab and our chamber area I discovered every single window had been contaminated again. What the fuck? I have been puzzled as to where the source of this filth is coming from. Approximately every three days or so I break out the Lab Clean and go to town on all the glass again. Then the grease reappears like black magic. Nobody that I’ve talked to about this seems to know anything about it or even noticed the grease until I pointed it out. I’m going into Gumshoe mode trying to solve the strange mystery now, but I really have no clue what’s causing it to show up.


~ by factorypeasant on April 30, 2006.

31 Responses to “Mysterious Grease”

  1. I think I know, and it’s not going to be pretty.

  2. its leftover juice!

    luv, unkie felcher

  3. Speachless.

  4. i like this meatspin much better…

  5. Something like that happened in the movie Pi just before the computer went nuts. Did you by chance find the name of god written in the greazy slime?

    The Devil T

  6. nope, never found any messages scribbled in the filmy ooze. but, i did discover the image of a vortex. it was like the eye of a hurricane- in slime. this clue finally solved the case.

  7. I for one am glad that the mean people who posted comments in the last week or so seem to have left. I really think of all of you as family. Can’t we act like a family? Meanness causes high stress levels and stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and emphysema. 😦 Let’s all support one another! If you find a spelling error or something, don’t make fun of someone. That’s mean! Instead, try to point it out in a positive,constructive, helpful way that promotes high self-esteem. Let’s help each other!



  8. Bob,

    You may possibly be the biggest pussy to ever walk the Earth.

  9. I heard bob likes to eat small babies just like a dingo would.

  10. Bob is a frop head.


  11. Bobs not me, I promise.

  12. bob reminds me of patatohead.

  13. cmon vigalantes,where are the rest of the goon squad to tear this guy up just because he has something diferent to say then the rest of the click

  14. Ananermusk i think you suffer from a persecution complex. Instead of sarcasm you should try drinking till you don’t give a fuck and yull realize no one cares what you say half as much as you do.


  15. michael landon died.

    i am so sad.

  16. Michael Landon (October 31, 1936 – July 1, 1991)

  17. yep, and i pulled off his ears whilst riding him brokeback style… wO0t!
    i made him call me unkie, i lied to him t0O.

  18. I could have been Bob’s dad, but I didn’t want to wait in line.

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  20. yellow, black, and rectangular.

    i see them everywhere! do you hear me?

    just lie back on the couch…

  21. There it is again that horrible noise, ruining your orgasm on the playboy channel.

    Devil T

  22. I know it’s off topic but…

    chek it.

    Devil T

  23. busy tonite…

    check out

    |t pwn$

  24. quantum was fuckin weird. i have it on MAME as well as their havoc game. red baron, tempest, battlezone, and asteroids are the classic vectors from atari. the rest are kinda p00. cool link though.

    been playin any parsec47?

  25. Parsec 47 and Zone Trooper are whats the bomb man! God bless Mame. Viva the clasikz man.

    D known as T


    aww yea. dig it, fellow geeks.

  27. I think you have an anono-wacko on your hands there FP. One with a lot of time on their hands.

  28. TC- only one? i think there are more mentally ill anonymouses out there lurking in the shadows.

    by the way for the auto show looks like it’s gonna be you, me, and senor23. KB might bring her ’65 mustang coupe to park next to my ’66 but she’s not sure if she’s gonna make it yet. senor 23 sent in his paperwork and he put you and me down for showing his ride next to. i think he’s gonna bring his ’63 chevy II which just got running again after being garaged for the last ten years. he put a brand new engine in it and then feather dusted it for the last ten years instead of just finishing it off. goofball.

  29. FP,
    That sounds great. I am also bringing Dewey, another friend of mine. The parking is first come, first serve. The only people that have parking rights are the car clubs. As long as we meet there at the same time, we should be able to park whwrever we want. We usually get there around 7AM. This is such a great car show. You and your friends will have a good time.

  30. I know, it’s “wherever”

  31. pheasant, that “real” site that j0o posted was teh suXor.
    just dumb… now hitler lowrider, THAT
    was funny 😀
    shaddup b4 i out my f0ot in your p00z!
    D to the T, keep bangin’ b|z_ho3
    unkie f3lcher wants to see j0o 2-nite

    peace bishes,


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