The Best Commute In The Bay Area

Swing shift really is where it’s at for me. Every day I wake up when I just can’t sleep any more. I don’t have to set an alarm clock or worry about being late for work. Basically, I set my own schedule so there’s no stress. The company has very accommodating start time “windows” for each shift. Swing shift generally can show up anytime between two and five in the afternoon, but I can start work as early as noon if I want to. I rarely do that though. Until recently I preferred to arrive at work closer to five. Now that I’m working with Tiny putting in eight to twelve hours every day I’m trying to get there no later than two in the afternoon. The later I get there means I might be leaving the factory at three in the morning. That kinda sucks.

While everyone else in the Bay Area has to get up early and do the rat race commute stuck in evil traffic, or hop on a mangy BART train, or ride along in a stinky bus, I cruise to work on country back roads. In the early afternoon I’m usually the only person out on the road. By that time of day everyone else is already trapped slaving away over a hot desk at their otherwise meaningless jobs. I live on the edge of town so it’s convenient to run around the corner for a cup of coffee and then have a relaxing drive to work. For me, this is the best part of the day.





Passing through vineyards the road begins to climb upwards through a series of tree tunnels. That’s one of my favorite stretches, it’s like riding a roller coaster. The Cougar eats up pavement like it was nothing. I never bothered to put a stereo in the car because I enjoy listening to it’s dual exhaust. The crummy AM radio in the dash died many years ago. I hardly ever used it anyway. Under the hood there’s a 302 V8 with plenty of power. It sounds damn good when I’m heading up this hillside.





Driving over the hilltop I enter another scenic tree tunnel. This one is made by a long row of Eucalyptus trees. I like the way they smell, Autumn doesn’t. Autumn hates Eucalyptus trees which is interesting when you consider her hippy tendencies. Hippy girls are supposed to love ALL trees regardless if they happen to be smelly or not. Autumn hates on them anyway.





By the time I arrive in the parking lot at work my coffee is mostly gone and I’m ready for a long, problematic shift on the job. As soon as I walk in the door I can expect to be picking up exactly where I left off the night before. Tiny will have accomplished little to nothing all day except for chasing broads and surfing the web. Oh joy.



~ by factorypeasant on April 20, 2006.

9 Responses to “The Best Commute In The Bay Area”

  1. I always did like that drive too.
    I am in Biloxi now, what a mess this place is. I dont know how the people ever wanted to come back here. Tomorrow I am going to drive around and take some pics of what is left after the hurricane. Ill try to send some of them to ya.

  2. i didn’t realize you were there now. for some reason i figured that was still a few months off. well, good luck there buddy. i’ll be looking forward to seeing your snapshots. stay out of trouble and eat breakfast at Waffle House every morning. that’s what i’d do if i was there…

  3. Hey,
    Those pictures reminded me of that time when you saw “the lights” on your way home.

  4. the northern lights?

  5. Yup

  6. I was just thinking the same thing, TC…I wish I would have been there to see them. The factory peasant’s description sounded magnificent!

    Crazy Red Head

  7. i don’t think i will ever forget that night.

    aurora borealis doesn’t happen this far south and i’ve opnly seen them in photos. on the drive home that night over crane canyon nothern lights in the sky was the last thing i expected.

    climbing up the winding road from petaluma hill i noticed the sky ahead of me was blood red. it was so bright i could see patches of red through the tree tops above. it didn’t look orange like a forest fire was nearby so i figured it must have been some farmer kids having an outdoor party with really powerful lights or some shit.

    when i broke out of the eucalyptus tree tunnel i realized something very unusual was happening. wasn’t no kids with spotlights messing around. i parked the car off to the side of the road and got out. looking straight up, i was amazed. i sat there for a long while gazing at blood red ribbons running smoothly through the night sky. shimmering curtains of red were hanging low from the ribbon trails.

    that was when i figured out i was seeing auroras for the first time.

    autumn was on her way over from the east bay so i rushed back to the house. she showed up minutes after i did so i grabbed her and said we gotta go back out. at first she thought i was bonkers but when i told her what i saw she got excited. when we got back all the blood red sky lights were gone. i was disappointed because they were so damn bright. but, interestingly the night sky had shifted to a light blue green and the auroras were still there just not as bright.

    we stayed out there for a while looking at them. a few other people drove up and parked nearby and did the same thing. just sat on the side of the road and watched.

  8. this is just a little announcement for those of you in comment-land here. i just added Barley’s photo blog to the links section, it’s at the top of the list.

    Barley’s on a work assignment for a while in Biloxi and he’s taken a bunch of pictures of the hurricane damage. it’s pretty sobering to see when you consider the govt was supposed to be working hard fixing everything up. doesn’t look like much has been done after all this time. in particular the “you loot we shoot” pics are kinda rough. go check it out.

    nice job on the photography Barley. you sould go to work for the associated press.

  9. Thanks, It is definitely a mess down here. All of the buildings on the beach were wiped out. There doesnt seem to be much progress other than getting the casinos back up and running. I think a lot of people just decided not to come back. If I get some more pictures, I will let you know.

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