Sharing A Cubicle


Since I’m going to be working full time environmental stress testing new products I needed to move closer to the E-lab. Tiny already had himself a massive cubicle office to work from so he’s been told to make room for me. Most managers here don’t even have an office with that much floor space. I was hoping to get my own cubicle though because Tiny is a total slob. He’s kind of an Oscar The Grouch. Like Oscar, Tiny lives in a garbage can. At least that’s what his desk looks like. See, Tiny is a scrounge. I am too but I prefer to scrounge up useful stuff like functional equipment. Tiny is one of those guys that will dumpster dive around the buildings and bring in pure crap. For example right now on his desk he has dozens of broken hard drives. Some of them he has disassembled to get magnets out of them which he has absolutely no use for. He has bundles of shredded wire and hundreds of feet of damaged LAN cables. He’s collected random circuit boards all of which appear to be wrecked. Tiny likes to hit the cafeteria and get his lunch meals in clear plastic “to go” containers. There are a few of those containers mixed in with his trash pile of parts. Half eaten meals are left inside, lying here and there around his computer. Some of his old lunches appear to have been sitting around so long that they are outgassing mold and fluid. Oh and then towering over all that is a pyramid of empty coke cans.

Today I spent a minimal amount of time setting up my PC and my Unix workstation on the opposite side of Tiny’s cube. I say minimal because I don’t have much time to be screwing around with this. We’re currently buried in work and Tiny didn’t do anything this morning. Everything in the chambers is exactly where I left it last night at 2am. Ugh.

I deliberately placed my gear in such a way that no matter what I’m doing in our cubicle my back will always be facing towards his Sanford and Son style electronics junkyard. The best part of my rig here is that Unix station. With it I can monitor half a dozen test stations remotely instead of having to get up every half hour to go on patrol between the chamber area and the E-lab out back. If a unit under test barfs and fails or if a test rack gets screwed up I’ll know about it right away instead of discovering it whenever I happen to walk through the area. Should save me some time.


~ by factorypeasant on April 17, 2006.

5 Responses to “Sharing A Cubicle”

  1. Not that I mean to defend anyone, but the magnets used in hard-drives are totally cool. They are extremely powerful. I have a couple of them screwed to the back of my workbench in the garage and I hang tools off of them. Use one to hang things off your fridge and they will never fall off.

  2. Not to defend anyone, but i have like 14 plastic boxes full of rotting food in my livingroom and it’s helpfull because if i get hungry i dont have to get up off the couch and the food makes my mouth smell like a cross between garbage and a dead hooker which helps to scare my teeth away to which i am alergic. Wrecked lan cables are the best thin for auto erotic asphixiation, which is about my only exercise.

    Sum Fag

  3. Sum Fag- i heard that you were purchased with turds. is that tr00?

  4. That was pretty funny.

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