I go where I’m told to work and each new assignment seems like more of a raw deal for me than the last one. Tiny apparently can’t keep up with the work load back here in Mini-Rel land so I’m here to help him catch up and get back on track. Problem is Tiny wants to pretend he’s my boss. He’s already throwing attitude on me, ordering me around like I’m his personal assistant. That shit is going to get old fast. Fortunately he isn’t here in the area that often. Most of the time he’s out of the department chasing female employees in engineering. No wonder projects back here in the environmental lab are so far behind schedule. The guy is seldom doing his job.

Repairing a few robots in the chamber area has been my first task. There are two separate areas that are set up for Mini-Rel testing, the environmental lab in the back of our building and the chamber area here on the production line. Some of the testing can be automated and the rest of it has to be done by hand. Regardless all of the tests we’re going to be running will take many months to complete. So time is money. In order to automate some of the tests and speed things up the engineering department has constructed a half dozen cart-sized robots that they’ve nicknamed “Yogi.” Basically Yogi is a system of movable plates loaded with connectors. Inside there are four plates, each one will be hooked up to a separate unit inside a test chamber. On either side of Yogi one test rack can be hooked up for a total of two stations. The idea is we hook up two racks, load 4 units to be tested inside a chamber, start some software and let ‘er rip. We come back a few days later and all the tests should be complete. Trouble is these little Yogi units are worn out from high use and no maintenance.

Tiny handed me a mass of paperwork. Diagrams, schematics, and parts lists. He told me to replace all the connectors and cables on every plate in most of the Yogi robots since they’re not making good electrical contact anymore. He also shoved plastic bags full of brand new cables towards me and rolled a brown tool kit over to where I was sitting. Then he split. He’s probably going to be wasting the rest of his time chasing skirts this week. Loser.


~ by factorypeasant on April 16, 2006.

4 Responses to “Yogi”

  1. “big mouths are harder to close than barn doors”

    -james whitier,1908

  2. greetings contestant anonymous! your winning number today is 0 (zero)! that means you win NOTHING!


    -Robert Trout, 1909

  3. Greetings back to the village phesent,,,
    ok whatever,,,didnt know i enterd a contest.

    -dicky smalls, 2006

  4. greetings and more greetings to you mr. anonymous.


    your situation as a contestant has unfortunately officially ended. however if you would like at some point in the future to re-enter the contest without your full knowledge and approval, you may do so at any time.

    another opportunity will be yours momentarily. please speak with The Dirty Bubble concerning this matter.


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