Chamber Bitch




Bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball between the Environmental Lab and our Chamber Area here on the line is all I get to look forward to from now on. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be little more than a Chamber Bitch, starting and stopping tests, loading and unloading instruments from chamber to chamber. Oh and I get to put up with Tiny’s bullshit too. Lucky me.

In these photos I am getting ready to start a run of four units testing. These are prototype RF Signal Generators, some of the latest designed by our R&D teams. This test is fairly easy to set up because there is a minimal amount of connections to make between equipment outside the chamber and the boxes inside. Also, I can use the Yogi robot here so this will be all automated testing. Once it’s hooked up and I close the chamber door it’s sort of like fire and forget. Just start the software and come back every few hours to make sure nothing choked on the test code.


~ by factorypeasant on April 16, 2006.

25 Responses to “Chamber Bitch”

  1. Kuel pix on the last few posts, whos that dumb ass looking goof messin up the shot of 4 oscopes?

    Dangerous Me

  2. Well since those are not oscopes, I guess that makes you the dumbass….dumbass

  3. why that dumb ass lookin g00f is myself of course. DURRRRRR. did ya hafta ask?


  4. watch out…homeboy has his posey ready to go whenever anyone posts a coment that is not to his liking.

    so agree that life is tuff for him at work and he has to work for a living or else youll get sloughtered by these idiots

  5. uh oh looks like someone is wearing a frown… i guess that means its time for super special PUPPET SHOW

    that oughtta cheer you up little guy yay!

  6. What the hell is a “posey”? Is that like an 80’s hair band or something? Tony rutlidge is that you? It has to be, you said posey instead of possie like the last time I beat you down. Dude seriously stop fooling around with your cellmates dingle berries while your on the pc.

  7. By the way that last comment was me Boomer

  8. Hey Tony,

    Peak-A-Boo Street’s trainer says you owe him a “hummer” for the money he loaned you so you can keep driving your Hummer for another month.

    Hopefully you are making prompt monthly payments and have not resorted to sucking cock for beer money quite just yet.

  9. yo tony r.
    i know you from cell block 7g.
    remember that night me an’ my p0$$3(posse)
    pulled a train on you? i bet you do.
    i was the one that kept callin’ you nephew. my arm was around your neck
    in a chokehold. i made you call me uncle. you said you would if i pulled out… i lied 😀

  10. Aight,

    I knew this would happen. Just like I said, all yall come runnin from the underbelly of problem.come one come all.Like my man and best friend Chop Towbin says…get redy to feel the deal!

    Kneel down, heads back and mouths wide open,,,,

    Boombangbust: why you aways got to be sticking your nose in everyones bizness. From the getgo, you came down on me from no dam reason,,,Go get your own site and talk about your homemade brewing and how much of a sam adams jr scientist you are. Then you can have your own group of bobleheads to bail you out of trouble. Try it-its called doin things for yourself-,,I feel embarrassed for you they way you come out sucking up so fast every dam time a cemment is made that you dont like.another thing dont use my name on here.

    Shoestring-that was tried-people like fraench fries-your shoes have already been strung chump. All that talk about male gentiles, you must be mad that brokebeck mountain didn’t get any awards-don’t worry its coming on dvd soon. Now go back into the closet homie and stay there until bareback mtn 2 comes out: up and down a mountain; starring shoestrung.(dumass)You need to be yourself and quit followin the pack.

    S1 foot. I don’t even know what the fuk you are talking must be mad to about brokeback talking about all prison shit to why dont you hook up with shoestrim man and help him in the sequel. Learn to type, learn to be real and then get back to me.

    dont respond back b/c i aint going to about to be setup like you all want to do. Just follow the shepherder and dont think for yourselfs while me,Chop and the rest of the boys live the lives you all want to live and only dream of

  11. yo, im gettin back to you!
    t. rutlegde,
    i mean tony r. iz youse
    crazy? what do you mean, ‘i dont know what u r talkin about”?
    i mean how quickly can u forget about last night…? you dont remember gettin’ ‘man-piped’? you called me unkie twice…i guess its time to apologize! i am sorry. i’ll even reverse the positions. you can watch the video that we made last nite.
    remember, i let you get on top

    unkie felcher

    p.s. we can do it again tonite 😀
    no lube, just the way u like it!

  12. Anthony Rutledge A.S.S., D.I.C.K. N.E.A.L.N.B.O.B. Did I get all your little lala land titles down right. A little nugget of common sense for ya, if you don’t want people on the internet using your real name DON’T GIVE IT OUT like your trying to impress somebody.

    I see your cell mate lets you watch A&E in the cell, well good for you. Is that how he came up with your new nick name, King of “Cack”? Or did you not really mean hangin’ with chop, but really you like getting porked in the chops?

    Hmmm let me see you say I should try doing things on my own huh. Do you mean like coming on to a blog site anonymously and trying to warn someone who is being an insulting idiot about the impending “sloughter” coming from the site “posey”?

    So much to say about your moronic statements so little time, why are you here anyway? Remember last time you ran away kicking and screaming because you felt like a fly caught in a web about to get “aten” up by hungry spiders. I thought you were hanging out with the original genius of meatspin Scott Houdek, whoever the hell that may be. Or did you say you were hanging out in the mountains playing peakaboo meat with some guy?

    Dude it’s been over two months and you still have not got that dingle berry cal’d up yet. Come on fess up your really just a dummy, right ? And no it’s not all those things you mentioned in the last flame war that make you a dummy, it’s everything you post that makes you a dummy.

    Hey foot I think this guy needs another visit from 7g.

  13. boomer,

    why do you keep charming in with your constant bs directed to me?you start that other idots get going to write all these untruths and horsecacky against me.first off i aint gonna get sucked into a rant n rave argument back and front with a bunch of redeads.i read you like directions from a toilet paper box, your tryin hard to set me up and get your redeads to jump on me-aint gonna happen.
    Ya, my man is on TV. i was put in charge of refrishments (my homebrews and wine) for a conference and from what i heard he liked it and now i run all the parties and meeting for his staff.i droped off MY SPECALITY brew for him to try.i woud have luved to take about it until you turned into a big preck.Since i got my breek, my OWN company has goten going and i also got a few permant clients lined its friday, im off early and headin to the strip-thats what happens when you own your own biz like me-hope you can get out of work early today and have some sure macdanolds can find another chump to fil in fer ya-like s1 foot, or chumplaces,,,
    tata redeads

  14. hey man why don’t you lay off the lime otter pops and smokin truck stop wizzcakes for a minute. it’ll do you some good. trust me.

  15. On an all new episode of King of “Cack” tony switches from syrup to jellie as his codiment of choice for tossing salads. His cell mate, RamRod, “pikes” in with his displeasure. See how it all unfolds on the next episode of King of “Cack”.

  16. hey redead,

    its condiment.2 can play at that game,,were you able to get of macdonalds early today

  17. Boomer

    im outty for the nite-going clubbin on the strip with my boyz,,are u going to see the speacial on a E called beer man staring boomer, the bedhead-redead.
    the show will teach people how to make specaility brews with thrift store brewing kits while he also teaches and corects english papers for grade school.
    had to call you out on the last one. I have a old crappy keyboard, letters stick sometimes, i also set the record for error free typing back in school (98 wpm),,whats your excuse? had to call you out since you front like that. dam-cold slammed!
    im done with this-dont write back cuz i am way above arging with you-plus, im busy with MY OWN BUSINESS, doin the things that I WANT TO and dont have to work as HARD AS you do.
    piece out

  18. oops, you mispelled jellie,,its jelly.i mised that the first time!dang, the “student” teacching the teacher!maybe ill try your brand of “JELLIE” as a “CODIMENT”
    have a good one,

  19. I called you out on your spelling because your bullshit lies are so damn hard to read. Here check out what I mean by bs lies…

    TR said this in feb…

    “I used my blackberri’s newly installed voice recog program to write this…”

    Now he says…

    “I have a old crappy keyboard, letters stick sometimes, i also set the record for error free typing back in school (98 wpm),, ”

    Which is it bub?

    More bs examples….
    TR says if Feb…

    “Now go back to your intermediary kit and continue to “impress” everyone-the real challenge is impressin people who dont know you and dont have to give you false praises.”

    Now he says…

    “Ya, my man is on TV. i was put in charge of refrishments (my homebrews and wine) for a conference and from what i heard he liked it…”

    hmmm sounds like false praise, and so on…

    “Like my man and best friend Chop Towbin says…get redy to feel the deal!”

    again I must quote that most moronic quote…

    “Ya, my man is on TV. i was put in charge of refrishments (my homebrews and wine) for a conference and from what i heard he liked it…”

    if he is your best bud why didn’t he tell you to your face that he loved it?

    And why are you posting here at night I thought you were hanging out early on the strip, cuz ya got it lik dat

    Da Boomer

  20. One more thing, you said…

    “maybe ill try your brand of “JELLIE” as a “CODIMENT”

    So you admit to tossing salads.

    Da Boomer

  21. i predict more manic-depressive meth induced lies coming up the in the near
    future. i think this post is gonna beat the record for most ass-a-holic
    comments from meatspin “boi”.
    ya, i believe that you brew, just that it is bathtub meth. happy cooking!


    unkie felcher(man-pipe)

    you know you want to check it out,
    it gives tips on new beer flavors!

  22. Well,

    Looks like the verdict is in: “The jury finds the defendant Tony Rutledge guilty of hijinx in the first degree”.

    Excellent police work Boomer! I knew this guy was a fraud.


  23. Shoelaces,

    why are you button in on this? first of, i am not on trial for nothing.I dont have to explain anything,,quit being a matlock.
    why are you bustin my balls?you came down on me hard and your asking me to remember stuff from months ago,,i dont know exactly what i lets just agree to disagree and quit this back and forth crap.i feel that i dont owe you or anyone anything,i know my stuff and thats what matters most to me
    s1 foot,
    you need help,

    one luv

  24. HARD GAY RAMEN SHOP is what all of you need

  25. Please don’t come here playing the victim role. I thought by laying it all out like that you would see not to troll, but I guess not. I’ll keep this brief and leave it as is unless a certain person comes back with more bs.

    Back in Feb FP and I were talking about something and then you “piked” in with a derogatory slam. Remember the maalox crack, which was basically a slam on FP and I, so I let you know I wouldn’t just sit back and take it. Then you went on a tirade of mind numbing idiotic babble that I could barely understand. Also you through out some name calling in there too.

    Then in this post someone started it by trying to flame. The golden rule in flaming is to make sure you have all your ducks in a row, which this guy didn’t so I called him on it. Then you “charmed” in to warn this guy about all the “idiots” on this site.

    So in short you are no victim, you got what you deserved. If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

    Tough Luv

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