Stray Bullets

At three o’clock in the afternoon a fifteen year old boy was walking home from school. Little did he know directly across the street from him an attempted robbery was in progress.

As two men burst through the front doors of The Gun Room towards the street, a swarm of bullets followed. Opposite them, the kid walking home from school caught a couple of rounds. He was in the wrong place at the right time. Staggering up the sidewalk, he managed to make it through a parking lot to a Payless Shoe Store. He shoved the front door open and collapsed. No doubt from shock and blood loss. Employees inside the shoe store immediately attended to the boy and called for help. Luckily, he lived.

Only two local Bay Area newspapers presented an accurate account of what happened that day. What I found particularly interesting about this situation was how the story was manipulated by gun rights activists a few weeks later. From reading their accounts of the facts you’d never know an innocent bystander had been shot twice during the bungled robbery at The Gun Room. Were hardcore gun fiends deliberately omitting information just to further their own agenda or had they simply done a slob job reporting the story? I suppose we’ll never know.


~ by factorypeasant on April 14, 2006.

12 Responses to “Stray Bullets”

  1. What a shift for you FP. Whose side are you on?

  2. i’m a gun fiend that is hardcore about accurate news reporting minus the bias.

    journalists and their editors are losers, nothing more than ambulance chasers. gun rights activists are rabid. put the two together and you have a seriously bad mix. for reals.

  3. If the guys in the shop had been hardcore about accuracy, that would have been even better.

  4. Wad-

    nice observation.

  5. says the following: Rabid: “Extremely zealous or enthusiastic; fanatical.” I don’t mean to argue, but does this not decribe you in your attitude towards guns in general? How about little Carol. Was she a fanatic, or just a gun lover?

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  7. Hey overclocking, you suck. Go somewhere else.

  8. TC- overclocking ravi there is a script. i would have deleted that, but since you decided to brawl a software robot i’m a gonna keep it mister.

    heh. oh and btw i am rabid about a great many things…

    Wad- i was thinking more about your accuracy comment. here’s what i don’t get. with three guys advancing towards you and two handguns pointed back at ’em in a close quarters scenario how come Weaver and his customer couldn’t drill those guys but good. shot in the foot? WTF? everybody knows you aim for the chest/abdomen area. you don’t aim for feet or try to get a headshot. you aim for “center mass” to try and put someone down and guarantee a hit. i’ve been inside the gun room many times and it’s not a big place in there. should have been like shooting fish in a barrel. i thought about dropping by there to bug Weaver about it but he’s probably not too thrilled about bringing up that incident so i haven’t bothered.

    same thing happened up here at Helm’s House O’ Guns not long after the gun room episode but in this part of the Bay Area we do shit rite. the guy that tried to hold up the gun store here got himself killed.

  9. I wondered about the foot thing as well. My guess is that before you could pull off choosing your target effectively in the heat of such a moment, you’d need the ice cold veins of a hardened special-ops freak. I noticed one time when I stood up in a crowded auditorium to ask the presidents of the company I worked for a question about money, that, despite my not really thinking I should be scared of these guys, my knees were wobbling like crazy.
    You stick a few guys with shotguns in my face, I’d probably fill my shorts before I did anything else.

  10. lots of experts in here ’bout firing a gun under stress…wonder how many situations you so called gun nazis been in?

  11. he said NAZIS!!! OMG WTF LOL!!!!

  12. Hey you two bit computer, byte me.

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