Shootout At The Gun Room

Things over in Autumn’s East Bay neighborhood took a turn for the bizarre again recently. Three really intelligent guys from Richmond attempted to rob The Gun Room. Of all the retail businesses to knock over, a gun store has got to be one of the all-time dumbest places to try and steal from.

Here’s what happened. The Gun Room’s owner was working behind the counter talking with a customer. The owner saw someone standing at the front door to the shop and buzzed him in. You can’t just walk into The Gun Room. When you get to the front door you have to stand there like an idiot, hit a doorbell and wait for the guys behind the counter to release the door. Anyway after a few minutes of conversation with this new customer guy, the store’s owner thought something was strange about the man and he told that customer to leave. When this person reached the shop’s door instead of going outside he held the door open for two more guys to come in. One of them was carrying a shotgun.

Naturally, The Gun Room’s owner pulled a handgun. The customer he was talking with at the time was also armed with a pistol. Both men opened fire on their would-be attackers. One of the robbers got himself shot in the foot. The other two geniuses freaked out, dropped their shotgun in the store and ran like motherfuckers on out of there. When the police arrived they bagged a robber with one foot and the other two were caught not long afterward.

Not surprisingly, many online gun rights news sources picked up on this story and ran with it. They all hailed it as a prime example of armed law abiding citizens protecting themselves against crime. Even the NRA’s magazine, “America’s 1st Freedom” ran a little blurb on the incident. Funny thing about it was, none of these pro-gun news sources were telling the whole story…


~ by factorypeasant on April 13, 2006.

2 Responses to “Shootout At The Gun Room”

  1. what was the f;in story..

  2. Yeah, Mr. Cliff Hanger, don’t be teasin’ us like that. We need instant gratification.

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