Who’s Laughing Now?

Problems with Barney occur almost every night in Area 51. All of us have grown very tired of his personality and his erratic one-sided conversations. TC has done a marvelous job of shutting Barney down within minutes of him constantly shooting his mouth off, but I have a feeling if Barney were to mentally snap because of TC’s hazing, maybe Barney would come in here with a gun and start shooting. I mentioned this to TC. I said, “You know if that kook comes in here one day seeking revenge for being made fun of he’s gonna come looking for you first man. You better run.” TC flatly rejected the possibility by saying it would never happen. I’m not so sure about that.

Barney was dumped on us by the Spectrum Analyzer group. TC has a buddy over there that likes to drop by our test area and laugh at us since we were stuck with the jerk. Well, now the tables have turned. In a surprise move our management staff has worked out a deal where both Barney and Louie will move to Spectrum Analyzers effective immediately. All of us here in Area 51 were in shock over the news. Nobody ever figured anything this cool could be possible. Our morale has suddenly soared through the roof. The best part of it is, TC will be able to get his revenge on his buddy in SA now that we have returned Barney to them. And what a double dose of evil. Louie will stink up Spectrum Analyzers with his bad breath and other assorted unpleasant body odors, waste time handing out poems to their assembly crew, and wreck instruments on top of all that.

Rarely anyone gets fired here, employees like Barney and Louie should be thrown out with a vengeance. Instead, they linger for years being shuffled around from department to department. They’re bottom of the barrel dregs. Now they’re someone else’s headache for a change.

In other good news Abu recently had the plug pulled on himself too. I never thought I would see the day, but Abu has finally been moved to a job elsewhere. So that’s been another surprise bonus for all of us. The only problem we’re facing now is when do we get some suitable replacements? We do need people over here in Area 51. There’s talk of another wave of hiring that’s gearing up to take place soon. Maybe we can get a few new people. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


~ by factorypeasant on March 18, 2006.

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