Dreams Made Real

Corporate has announced our new company slogan.

“Dreams Made Real.”

Now what I want to know is, who in the hell thinks up this kind of stupid shit? In the context of selling high-end electronic test and measurement gear this doesn’t make much sense. I mean, to the average guy out on the street will one of our latest Network Analyzers cause his dreams to be made real? Perhaps a brand new Power Meter will do the trick. More than likely he’s never heard of a Network Analyzer nor would he care what one would be used for. Are we telling customers their dreams will be made real if they buy our increasingly unreliable products? It’s more like customer’s “Nightmares Made Real.” That’s fitting.

Is Supergeek is trying to send a message to our employees? Each and every one of us will have our “Dreams Made Real” by the company. Somehow. Maybe? Damn, it’s dumb.

To commemorate the offering of worthless stock options and announce the new company slogan we’ve all been given a clear acrylic paperweight that has the logo, jingle, and Founder’s Grant written inside. I think I’m going to take mine to the shooting range and hit it with some surplus Soviet hollow point thirty caliber rounds. Yeah.


~ by factorypeasant on March 18, 2006.

5 Responses to “Dreams Made Real”

  1. Pinheaded ass-clowns sucking deep off the marketing hookah. It’d be hilarious to watch these numbskulls glad-handing each other for coming up with this sort of tripe, if it weren’t for the fact that we are, as a society, drowning in it.

  2. This is kind of funny. And semi-related.

  3. good read, thanks.

  4. What technology company slogan is:Dreams Made Real?

  5. Otani,

    The “Dreams Made Real” slogan is an uncreative, widely copied jingle that substandard management teams have adopted for their companies everywhere. It’s useless, completely failing to describe anything about their products or services. From 2000 to 2001 our tech company used this slogan constantly. It meant nothing to our customers or employees and was dropped sometime in 2001 if I remember correctly.

    Without giving too much away just look back to Bill and Dave’s company breakup. Bill and Dave’s names were stuck on the substandard PCs and laser printers. The core of the company they started in 1939 (test and measurement) was given a new, corny name. So to answer your question a tech company with a critical lack of leadership and zero creative vision adopted “Dreams Made Real.”

    One other clue as to the identity of the “Dreams Made Real” tech losers: Varian will likely be bought out late 2009 by these nitwits. Shortly afterward I predict their sites will be shut down, products off-shored to China, and Varian workers will be panhandling for spare change while waiting in the unemployment line…

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