A View From There


Hanging out at Autumn’s place on weekends is kinda hip. It’s only a fourty five minute drive from my house which is no big deal. Even though it’s not far away from home every time I’m there it feels like I’m on vacation someplace exotic. Can’t really put my finger on where though as I’ve never really been off the west coast of the US. From the second story balcony of Autumn’s apartment building there’s a scenic view of her neighborhood, including a single large hill to the West. Standing out there you can see a long distance to the North where rolling hills eventually rise up from the flat land of the bay. In the evening when skies are clear of ocean fog, sunsets can be gorgeous.

Twice a day flocks of geese fly overhead. In the morning V formations of geese with black colored heads and necks fly out to Golden Gate Fields, which is a horse racetrack just off the 580 freeway. You can hear them coming from far away because they make a deep, raspy honking noise all the time. Late in the afternoon they fly back, I think over to the UC Berkeley campus. Autumn told me she’s pretty sure these geese are an endangered species up in Canada which is funny if true. There are so many of those damn birds here you’d never know they were somehow in danger of going extinct. Golden Gate Fields has a terrible problem dealing with the birds because they leave behind a mountain of turds every day. I heard recently that the racetrack hired a bunch of dogs and let them loose on the geese, and the dogs got their asses kicked bad. They’re big, mean, tough geese.


~ by factorypeasant on March 16, 2006.

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