Confiscated ID


Weirdness mandated by our former computer division keeps on coming.

Today we had to form up in groups to turn in our ID badges, and receive new ones. I got stuck with Super Shopper and her entourage of dingbat housewives in my group. It sucked. We walked out to one of the portable buildings on site and waited in a single file line to see the security crew. About a dozen people were ahead of me so I stood there listening to Super Shopper babble. The air inside security’s makeshift photo room was hot and getting thicker by the minute. I could feel myself becoming more and more annoyed by the sound of Super Shopper’s voice. There was nothing I could do about it though, nowhere to hide. Like everyone else I had to take the hit.

One of the guys ahead of me in line asked a question. He wanted to retain his old ID badge with Bill and Dave’s company logo on it as a keepsake. I wanted to do the same thing with mine. I have a collection of every name badge and photo ID card that’s been given to me since I started working here eight years ago. I even saved my very first name tag badge from when I was a temporary employee here in 1992. A security officer told the guy that all IDs were to be confiscated at the time of issuing our new one. He added that the old badges are company property of our former computer division and that they would be handed over to them for destruction. If we chose to not turn in our old photo ID badge, no new one would be given out. Whatever. A few of us glanced at each other in line with an expression of disgust.

My turn eventually arrived. I forked over my old ID badge and sat in a little booth with my back to the wall while another security guy shot a digital picture of me. The machine he was operating spat out a plastic card with my mug shot on it. He shoved the ID badge at me, obviously bored out of his mind as he did so. I got up and quickly left the building to get away from Super Shopper and breathe some fresh air.

The picture turned out okay, I guess.


~ by factorypeasant on March 15, 2006.

6 Responses to “Confiscated ID”

  1. You look like you should be holding some numbers.

  2. white letters and numbers on a black background perhaps? yeah, i got that reaction often from people when they saw my ID at work. hey the security guys wouldn’t let me wear sunglasses or a hat. no sense of humor with those jerks i swear.

  3. fp,

    Don’t listen to TC. He has no room to talk if you look at some of his old mug shots. They are down right scary.
    I think it is a fine picture.


  4. lb-

    well, shucks. thanks.

  5. Haven’t I seen you on

  6. nobody’s supposed to know about that. it’s a secret. how much will it cost to keep you from spillin’ the beans?

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