Changing Of The Guard

With Bill and Dave’s broken into two separate independent companies our longtime CEO, whom I call Turtlehead, has retired. Not before lining his pockets with loot from Bill and Dave’s and our new company of course. Turtlehead had the balls to give himself a tremendous amount of stock shares in the new test and measurement company. Part of his package for instigating the breakup I guess. So, he effectively planted one foot on either side of the fence and then quickly excused himself from the potential business disaster he engineered.

Turtlehead had been with Bill and Dave’s since the mid 1960s. He wasn’t elevated to upper level management status in the company until the 1980s. In the early 1990s when Dave retired, Turtlehead succeeded him as CEO. What I remember most about Turtlehead was he began the company’s outsourcing and offshoring in earnest. Older products and businesses were shifted to outside contractors in an effort to boost short term profits and cut operational costs. The offshoring was initially focused on Malaysia and India, again with the goal of lowering overhead by taking advantage of low wage labor in those countries. He wasn’t an effective leader with vision nor was he very creative as far as breaking our company into new markets. One of his biggest dud decisions was to develop electronic test and measurement instruments for the cable television market. It was a huge flop. In the meantime large portions of the rest of the company were relatively stagnant. Everything seemed geared towards maintaining the status-quo.

With the launch of our newly named test and measurement company and much hyped tech stock IPO, Turtlehead took his leave from us. I remember saying to myself, “Good riddance” when it was official and our new CEO assumed control. The new guy is Supergeek.

Supergeek has apparently been lurking around here since the mid 1960s just like Turtlehead although nobody that I’ve talked with about him seems to remember hearing of him before. From the pictures I’ve seen of the guy he looks like a four-eyed runt with a small amount of silver hair on his noggin. Oh, and when he smiles he reveals a mouthful of bad teeth. He truly resembles an extra from the film “Revenge Of The Nerds.” Somehow he worked his way into the corporate world. From what little I have been able to dig up on the guy it sounds like he has a background in electrical engineering. Maybe he is smart. I dunno. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him though. No sir.

It is unclear to me what direction, if any, Supergeek will try to steer us in.

Our former computer division has a new CEO too. She’s an outsider from another tech firm that in recent years went through a highly publicized spin off and IPO. In the news media she has been portrayed as somewhat of a corporate darling. Who knows how well she will be able to handle the PC market. All I can say is, I’m glad we didn’t get stuck with her.


~ by factorypeasant on March 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “Changing Of The Guard”

  1. Carly got too much moola

  2. excellent article. thanks.

    as usual, corporate is breaking their own guidelines and rules to do as they please. every time they get caught doing shit like this they try to brush it aside or completely downplay it. i hope the shareholders kick the shit out of them in court and hand them their asses. it’s the only way the corporate dimwits learn a lesson.

    Carly is an idiot. hope her book flops.

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