Trademark Royalties

Those fucking pricks in the computer division sure like to rub salt in our wounds. Now that they’ve effectively kicked the core of Bill and Dave’s company to the curb and stolen their names for the substandard PCs they produce, they’ve hit us with a specific demand. Remove Bill and Dave’s names, and all company logos from our products by a certain deadline or they will slap us with royalty fines. It’s going to take us months to re-tool everything to make that happen. The cost will be enormous. Our vendors will have to follow suit. Who knows when they will be able to actually switch over to the new name and logo? Silkscreened nameplates for the front panels on our instruments will have to be changed, as well as every single PC board and microcircuit. We produce tens of thousands of parts that have Bill and Dave’s names on them. This isn’t going to be easy.

On the back end of the line we have to start shipping some products out to customers with a stupid form letter telling them that we’re the same old company they’re used to but we’ve been stuck with a new name. I guess there is a fear some customers might be confused when they receive a multiple product order and some boxes still say they’re from Bill and Dave while others don’t. What a stupid mess. I seriously doubt we will meet the scheduled deadline.


~ by factorypeasant on March 6, 2006.

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