Aliens Are Real

Late in the shift I walked into Building 2 trailing behind a couple of the Malay girls who are training on our line. They were maybe twenty feet ahead of me walking side by side while giggling and whispering to each other. I wasn’t paying any attention to them until they reached Area 51. The shorter girl on the right let loose with an ear shattering scream and jumped at least a foot or two off the concrete floor. Startled the fuck out of me. Her friend was unsettled worse than I was since she was right next to the girl when she freaked out. The Malay girl on her left grabbed her and held on to her with both arms as I ran up to them and asked what was wrong.

She Pointed towards TC’s workbench. I looked over and saw Jeff’s alien. Months ago when Autumn’s room mate Jeff broke his leg, his mother shipped him a get well present. It was a three foot tall foam rubber alien. You know, the kind of spaceman that has big black eyes, long skinny fingers, and an oversized noggin. He’s a 1950’s style UFO pilot for sure. A Hollywood special effects studio manufactured it with very lifelike attention to detail. Shortly after Jeff got the alien he decided he didn’t want it. So I brought it into work for Area 51. We needed a mascot. TC and Ron used some wire to strap the alien into a standing position on one of the workbench support beams. They managed to get the alien’s little hands closed tightly enough to hold a small American flag. Everybody thought it was pretty cool.

Laughing at the two girls I asked if the alien had scared her. She shivered while nodding yes and said, “I thought I saw it move!” I shook my head and laughed some more. The frightened Malay girl began to laugh nervously while her friend dragged her away into our assembly area.

Silly girl.


~ by factorypeasant on February 18, 2006.

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