Conspiracy Against Abu

Five or six months have come and gone since Abu was dumped on us here in Area 51. The Adjust Two station has become a terrible choke point for production due to a large increase in orders and a total lack of effort from Abu. On dayshift BP has been working in overdrive. I think the strain has wore her down some. TC has been jumping from troubleshooting broken units to running Adjust Two when he can. It isn’t enough though. Boxes keep stacking up at the Adjust Two rack.

We knew almost as soon as we got Abu that this was going to happen, but we had to give him a fair shake before passing judgement on him. He has a reputation for wandering around the buildings doing nothing for hours at a time and for sleeping on the job. When he starts his shift the only things I see him do is put his feet up on BP’s workbench, grab the phone, and start yapping with his family and friends. The rest of the time he’s nowhere to be found or he’s sound asleep in his chair. A few times the boss has gone out on patrol and walked right by Abu without noticing he was slumped over asleep. Idiot. All of us have been giving Abu shit for it but it hasn’t had any effect on him. He doesn’t care. So, the next step was to work through management for a solution.

Our lead technicians brought up the issue of Abu’s shoddy performance privately with a supervisor. He listened but took no action. Weeks went by and more of the swing shift techs went one by one to this manager and complained. Still nothing happened. At one point I even brought it up to this guy. I got no reaction from him. Amongst ourselves we talked about the situation trying to decide what to do next. Someone suggested we go to BP’s husband JP who is a lead technician on another product family in our department and ask for his help. JP was painfully aware of what was going on already no doubt due to his wife complaining about being overloaded with instruments to test. JP did go to bat for us. We wanted Abu’s work habits corrected or have him thrown off the line.

JP collected daily throughput data from the Adjust Two station over a period of a couple of months. He paid particular attention to dayshift vs. swingshift and put it all together into a spreadsheet. What he found was 90% of instruments tested were completed on dayshift and the remaining 10% were finished at night. Big difference. JP then approached our boss with his findings and explained once again that Abu was a serious problem in Area 51. The boss told JP he felt there was a conspiracy in Area 51 against Abu. In his opinion our group is a clique that won’t accept anyone from another line. This is partially true, we didn’t want anybody else from the department because we feared getting nothing but deadbeats on our line. Abu is without question a deadbeat. None of the data JP collected was valid, and the boss went on to say that JP was only involved because he was covering for his wife. That really burned JP up. Somehow JP managed to keep his composure and not lose his temper.

We’re still stuck with Abu.

This is a prime example of a manager who happens to be completely out of touch with reality. Unfortunately there is alot of that going on around here these days. Supervisors like this can’t see a blatant problem even when it’s sitting right in front of their nose. It’s like if a coworker is suddenly on fire and I go to the boss and say, “Hey boss that guy over there is on fire. You see him?” The boss will look at his shoes, look at the ceiling and reply, “I don’t see a problem here. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” End result? The problem at hand grows worse. Because of Abu failing to perform the most basic functions of his job everyone around him has to work much harder to pick up his dead weight. This directly impacts our ability to complete instruments on time, which affects customer shipments. It also causes morale in the area to suffer.


~ by factorypeasant on February 15, 2006.

14 Responses to “Conspiracy Against Abu”

  1. !Salute! on your historic, and what was for me at least, a somewhat sad day.
    I’ll see you tonight at the bar for the bitch session. 🙂

  2. thanks br0. i’m feelin great. turned in my prox card and badge, said goodbye to people across four buildings. i went looking for The Troll to special deliver two big bony middle fingers into her grill. i found where she is currently working but she wasn’t around. and i waited for a while. oh well, guess it’s for the best.

    yeah tonight should be fun. Boomer and Shoelaces should be there. hopefully Dave got the message. Devil-T and Samson will be along too. not sure how many of the Sources guys will make it but i did put the word out to cool cats only. anyway, see ya at 7.

  3. got the message, can’t leave work ’til 8 – gonna try to make it.

  4. cool. see ya there.

  5. Hey,
    Contgratulations on your departure from Bill and Daves. Take a well deserved vacation, and then go back and work as a temp making way more money than you would have made there as a permanent employee. Don’t let the Volt people screw you. Add 33% to your pay. You will be a happy man.

  6. thanks TC.

    i passed by bob’s desk last week just as he was getting off the phone. he had a terrible look on his face. i asked what was up and he said, “you are so lucky to be getting out of here now.” i thanked him again for helping me rig it up and i told him i’d be in touch. he said, “you’d better because six months from now i’m going to try to hire you back.”


  7. Congrats. I’m envious. Traveling is the best. You’re new ride ship shape?

    I just skimmed the post. It seemed like you and your team members resolved to set Abu on fire? Should be a bitchin’ follow up.

    By the way, the word you want is “clique” not click.

  8. hey peasant,

    im buzzed so i hope i dont ruin a future segment of “as abu turns”.
    i rememver hearing some folks talk about this guy. the consensus was
    that he was coated with teflon, and he was going to sleep his way into middle management. g00d christ!


  9. FP,
    Congrats on the exit. Would like to down a few cold ones with ya to celebrate. Let me know if you are going to take a trip up north.

  10. Wad- the 289 was finished up at Badass Racing last week. wasn’t sure which 289/302 package they gave me. i asked about it and they said since i wasn’t interested in hitting the drag strip or the race track they did a custom build for me. they said i wouldn’t be disappointed and that they “woke the motor up.” hehe. my main concerns were to bump it up to the 300HP range but not so hairy at idle. wouldn’t be fun to drive around if it was near dying at a red light all the time or if i had to rev it up to 3,000RPM just to get the fucker to shift. should be a nice solid cruiser for weekends and long roadtrips. that’s all i want since the Mustang is pretty much for weekends only anyway.

    i’ll change click to clique. thanks. glad you know your kliks.

    shitf00t- no worries d00d. heard you hit Ray’s farewell gig. hope the ‘doins were good. i got hammered at mine.

    Barley- yep. still plannin to come up to Seattle to hang out. gotta wait another couple of weeks for my car project to be finished. then after that, i have the rest of 2006 to see the country and a few other countries. i’ll get in touch with you shortly and we’ll talk about when to come up and hang out for a while. hope you’ve been well br0.

  11. fp,
    Did not know it was your last day until TC told me. Feels wierd, doesn’t it? I volunteered to leave in 02, did not want to go down with the ship and have not set foot near the place since. I’m very happy for you…. and there is life after B&D’s.

  12. lb- no worries about the double post. fixed it up.

    yeah, i know how you feel. Bill and Dave’s was just using me up. back in July i came in to work one morning and decided i couldn’t do it anymore. no point in sticking around. so far my plan has been going well. the hotrod is almost finished and after the rainy season is over i’ll be hitting the pavement to see the rest of the states.

    hopefully i’ll have the journal finished by then and the real-time blog will begin.

  13. Pez,
    Very best wishes on your freedom; enjoy the fresh air. I hope you will continue to post…I,(and many others I know),am addicted.


  14. hey crazy redhead no worries. thanks for sticking with my ramblings. i’ll continue posting about work until it’s caught up to present day and then i’ll write about my year off. i want to chronicle all the trips i’m going to take. after that’s finished up and i start a new job, Bill and Dave Are Dead will finally come to an end.

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