Ruger P94




Finally found something I liked. I bought a Ruger P94 in the 9mm flavor. I was really impressed with it’s safety mechanism. The safety is ambidextrous, you can instantly render the pistol useless with the flick of a thumb from either hand. Not only does it disengage the trigger when it’s pushed into “safe” it also de-cocks the hammer. I also liked the weight. Ruger’s P94 frame is solid metal. The salesman at Helm’s explained Ruger uses a new method of production called precision casting. Instead of machined parts on the frame they make very accurate casts which saves a ton of money during manufacturing. That means lower retail cost and lower cost makes me and my bank account happy.

In order to buy my gun, I had to pay $20 on top of registration and DROS fees to take a dumb test. It’s called the California BFSC (Basic Firearms Safety Certificate). California’s Department of Justice put this hacked crap together. Essentially the BFSC is a multiple choice question and answer test that a chimp could pass. Waste of time really, and it burned an extra twenty bucks. Passing the BFSC is supposed to make me a safe gun owner? I dunno. Just more government red tape if you ask me. I paid for the automatic and then waited for ten days during a registration and background check. Everything was cool, so now I’ve got my first handgun.


~ by factorypeasant on February 9, 2006.

10 Responses to “Ruger P94”

  1. Wow, from the looks of the picture, you must have shot a big tree. What a deal. And you say you had to take a test for that?

  2. in order to shoot trees effectively and safely, you must take a test. sad, but true. trees in California are dangerous critters you know. never can tell when one might try to carjack you or drag you into a dark alley to steal your wallet… or worse.

  3. If you move your aim towards the base of the tree you will find that that is where the tree huggers tend to hang out…

  4. 0UCH !!!


  5. hay fac’try pezzant yew see them thar dirte hippiez in them thar treez?

    i shure dew cuzzin.

    git ’em!

    aww darned it. they ar too fast fer me. yew see ’em runnin up the trunk like crazed squirrels on ‘shine like that there mmmhmmm?


    im figurin to hit em i’ll be needin yer full auto 22 with ‘hundred round magazine. can yew lend it too mee cuzzin’?

    ohhh alllrite.

    hey pezzant hows yer father-brother doin theze days?

    welp he’s good ayup ayup.

    cuzzin how’s yer pretty sister-wife?

    shes fine. i don’t feed her as much as i used to no more so she’s slimmed down to forhundred pounds i reckon.

  6. When I was your age, we used to jack the trees! They’d be putting along in the fast lane, hogging the whole road, as it were, since we only had the one lane, and they’d be throwing their gang signs and talking like coolies, and we’d have to fire up the gas powered beat box and mow ’em down like so much kindling.
    Ah, those were the days.

  7. please don’t allow your weapon to fall into the hands of a black fellow. You know how they like to commit crimes and stuff.

  8. Devil i promise i will never let my gun fall into your hands you know cause you like to commit crimes and stuff.

    by the way man, when you gonna return my hubcaps you stole? f00.

  9. FYI – Ruger pioneered investment casting – the cheap, accurate way of making their firearms. That method of production is also the major reason Ruger firearms are so strong. Example: Look in a reloading book under .45 long colt. There will be load designations such as “safe only for Ruger firearms” and other similar wordings. Like you, I’m a big fan of Ruger firearms. In fact I just wrote a review of their new LCP380. It’s on my blog here: If you’re into Ruger guns, you may want to check it out. Great blog by the way.

  10. hi Bill. thanks for the comments on Ruger’s guns and the precision castings. i never knew about their manufacturing methods until i bought that P94. it’s been a great pistol. always reliable, easy to shoot. Ruger does make some pretty good stuff. i had a room mate who absolutely loved those Ruger super redhawk revolvers. since then i bought a Walther P99 in .40S+W. i’m slowly working my way up to a Colt .45, probably a 1911 model.

    i’ll check out your site. thanks for including the link.

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