Lose Something?

Raygun told me a great story about The Factor and Potatohead today.

A few weeks ago The Factor left for the day when her shift ended like she usually does late in the afternoon. Nobody on Team Loser gave it much thought. About an hour later, The Factor walked back into Team Loser’s production area with fresh mud covering her legs up to her shins. Raygun said she was visibly shaken and she complained about feeling cold. When he asked her what happened she said that one of her front wheels fell off her truck. She lost control, driving her truck into a deep ditch along the roadside. It took her an hour to walk back to the factory. It was raining outside.

Over the weekend Potatohead did a brake job on The Factor’s truck for her. Apparently he must have spun down the lug nuts on both front wheels when he finished reassembling the brakes, but evidently he forgot to tighten them up on one side. Nice. I knew that guy was stupid. Anyway while The Factor went to her desk and called Potatohead at home to yell at him, Raygun and a few of the other technicians bailed out to go see The Factor’s truck trapped in a muddy ditch.

By the time those guys found her truck and turned to come back to the factory, Potatohead and The Factor passed them in the other direction. In the few minutes that it took the guys to double back again so they could watch those two nitwits bicker by the roadside a tow truck had already arrived and snagged The Factor’s vehicle. It quickly headed away from the scene enroute to an impound yard. Raygun said everybody in the car was busting up laughing as Potatohead flipped a bitch in the road and chased after that tow truck.

I would have enjoyed watching that.


~ by factorypeasant on February 7, 2006.

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