Buying Handguns

California has some of the most oppressive gun laws in the entire nation. Every year it seems like the state’s firearms laws become more and more restrictive. People like myself who want to purchase a handgun have more red tape and useless hoops to jump through in order to get one. Autumn and I have been talking about buying pistols for a while. New laws are on the way that will make handgun ownership even more difficult so the two of us have decided to go out shopping for pistols now before things get worse.

Thanks to idiots like Clinton and Feinstein, who frequently have championed firearms bans and other anti-gun legislation, I now own four rifles. I wanted to buy them before I wouldn’t have the freedom to do so anymore and I feel the same way about owning a pistol. I’d like to get a handgun before I don’t have the ability to own one because of new anti-gun legislation. Autumn feels the same way to a point, she doesn’t like the Government telling her what she can and can’t have. She also doesn’t like the idea of waiting for some politician to pass a law that’s going to somehow protect her from crime. Autumn would rather be able to protect herself in a bad situation if need be instead of waiting for a man with a badge to come to the rescue.

During the weekends Autumn and I started hitting places like The Gun Room, Montana Hawk, and Helm’s House ‘O Guns. The Gun Room is in Autumn’s East Bay neighborhood. It’s a strange little joint that looks somewhat like a run down barn from the outside. The front double doors are locked and they have black iron bars across them. You can’t get in unless someone behind the counter buzzes you through. I guess they’ve had some problems in the past with shady characters trying to mess with them. Most of the time I wear an olive drab Army field jacket and that must be okay with The Gun Room crowd. They always buzz me in. The majority of inventory at The Gun Room doesn’t appeal to me though. Their stuff is mainly cowboy style six-guns, shiny chrome plated revolvers like something you’d see in a Dirty Harry movie, and antique lever-action rifles with wooden stocks. Not my speed. The prices at The Gun Room seem a little high to me compared to other gun shops in the bay area so Autumn and I will probably pass on buying anything from them.

I want a semi-auto pistol of some sort. Ultimately I’d like a Colt 1911 .45 but for a first time handgunner I think a .45 isn’t a good choice. A 9mm would be a good pistol to start with and then I can work my way up to the .45. That’s my plan anyway. Autumn’s interested in checking out everything available, from revolvers to semi-auto models and then making some sort of educated choice. I’m not sure which way she will go with it yet.


~ by factorypeasant on February 4, 2006.

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