Germ Freak Tennis

Our department had an off-site celebration this week. I forget why. Might have been because we broke some record for production shipments last month or maybe it was just for the hell of it. Supervisors like to refer to those sorts of just for the hell of it get-togethers as “Team Building” events. Whatever. As long as there is free grub and booze I’ll show up even though I can’t stand many of the people I work with.

At this particular BBQ and beer gig, Germ Freak drank a little too much and got rowdy. We reserved some space at a public park nearby the factory. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood a short drive from our site. The park has basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, and a few tennis courts. Hours after our group arrived and got loaded on good beers a bunch of us went over to the tennis courts and took them over. Olaf, K-Lid, Shitfoot, Germ Freak, Shoelaces, and a few others were on the courts playing while the rest of our drunks were just watching. Germ Freak missed most of his shots and the ones he did hit were totally screwed up. He was playing against K-Lid who murdered him out there. Each time Germ Freak messed up, he screamed out “Fuck” or other expletives as loud as he could. The whole neighborhood must have heard him. It was really lame.

Having a temper tantrum, Germ Freak stormed off the courts. Shit talking started. Someone blurted out “Germ Freak is a gayrod,” and for the next few minutes the court conversation snowballed into a Germ Freak hate-fest. Then, with no warning everyone was caught off guard. From nearby bushes Germ Freak shouted “I’M STILL HERE.” Everybody froze not knowing how to react or what to do. Oops. Nothing happened, he didn’t run back out onto the tennis courts to confront us or demand an apology. He just faded away and disappeared. Shit talking immediately resumed, of course.


~ by factorypeasant on February 1, 2006.

2 Responses to “Germ Freak Tennis”

  1. all true, no bs. the boy is teh nutz.


  2. company get-together + beer = danger

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