Automatic Door Superstition

Shitfoot has befriended the Germ Freak, why I have no idea. The two of them went out for lunch tonight. When they came back, Shitfoot found out Germ Freak has another odd quirk. He tweaks over automatic doors. You know, like the kind at grocery stores. Someone steps into a motion sensor and the door opens magically all on its own…

After parking in the lot behind Building 2, Shitfoot and Germ Freak walked towards an automatic sliding glass door to get back inside. We all have to use a proxy card at a security sensor in order to trigger that door to open from outside the building. The two of them were deeply mired in some sort of involved conversation while they were walking so Shitfoot wasn’t paying particular attention to anything else. Shitfoot said he used his proxy card, the door opened and as he was walking inside he heard Germ Freak shout “Whoa!” He looked back and saw Germ Freak standing outside with his hands up in the air like he was a helpless victim in a stagecoach robbery.

Shitfoot asked him what the problem was and Germ Freak said, “I can’t walk through automatic sliding doors.”
“How come?”
“I’m superstitious about them.”
At that point Shitfoot told me the situation was becoming too screwy so he decided to not ask Germ Freak why he had a problem with the door. Instead, Shitfoot chose to leave him outside. I guess Germ Freak eventually found his way back into the building. He walked around until he found the manual double doors on the other side of our Chemical Stores area.


~ by factorypeasant on January 13, 2006.

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