J2 And The Unabomber

Talk about poetic justice.

Both J2 and Unabomber have been kicked out of my old department. I assume their managed moves were due to increasing personality clashes with employees and at least in J2’s case, finally being identified as a lazy sack of crap. They ended up working shoulder to shoulder in the Metrology Lab. The Metrology Lab is a small enclosed room on the other side of Building 1. All they do is re-calibrate torque wrenches, electric drivers, miscellaneous hand tools, and maybe a few power sensors. From what I hear, every day J2 and Unabomber are practically at each other’s throats arguing. Their boss has already had enough of the petty bullshit. He’s threatened to fire them. So sweet. I can’t wait to see which chump gets a one way security escorted trip through the lobby first.

Place your bets.


~ by factorypeasant on December 17, 2005.

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