Lightwave Interview Part Five

Interview hell was almost over.

I found myself sitting in yet another sparsely furnished cubicle facing another stranger. She was a production department manager here in the Lightwave division, which put her just one rung higher on the corporate ladder from being a mere supervisor. Her hair was short, loosely curled, and brown. She looked like a mid-40 something soccer Mom with a dog and two kids waiting for her at home. I didn’t get the feeling from her that she was a powerhouse of management or anything. We started off with asking each other how long we had been working at Bill and Dave’s company and which divisions both of us had set foot in over the years. Neither of us was too terribly interested in the other person’s experience, it was just part of the surface routine you go through before the real question and answer interrogation commences.

The department manager produced a sheet of paper and placed it on the table in front of me as she grabbed a pen with her other hand. It was the same set of questions I had already answered two times in a row. I was disgusted. She didn’t have a chance to ask me question number one before I went off. “How many times do you want me to answer the same damn questions? I’ve duplicated my responses twice already. Is this some sort of test, or do you want me to make shit up this time?” She didn’t have anything to say. I should have walked out of the building after talking with Tom, this was so pointless and stupid.

Out of pure frustration I continued to mouth off. “Your supervisors were 45 minutes late picking me up today and they made me stand around like an idiot in a hallway the whole time. What’s up with that?” Her excuse for being tardy, “The department is so slammed with work they’re constantly running behind schedule.” Interesting statement since they obviously had enough available time to schedule themselves for a free lunch. I was offered a hollow apology. The clock on her desk showed the time approaching five in the afternoon. I mentioned that I was going to be late for work thanks to them. I didn’t get much of a response from her. We went through the scripted interview. It was my third round with the same garbage. I think we both knew it was a foregone conclusion that I wouldn’t seek a position in Lightwave, and a job offer wasn’t going to be coming from them anytime soon.

Goodbye Lightwave. Good riddance to Potatohead. Hello, Area 51.


~ by factorypeasant on November 2, 2005.

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